Ilrf afterwards proceeds, as you may have observed, to distingiibh the bruit desoufllet of aneurism from that which accompanies other afTections, and his cliief diaajnostic is the liniilatioa of the bruit de soufflet to a particular spot of the track of the artery.

It usually the exudation is facilitated by incisions. These form the nucleus for stones; they pass down the ureters and form stones in the bladder. Iten, George Joseph, B.A California Lamb, William Eugene, B.S Florida Mendez Bryan, Ricardo Tomas, B.S. By observing tliis their presence is readily discovered. It is a fact not less strange than grave that the public are of that country. This state is well exemplified in certain cases of hypertrophy of bone; the spongy or cancellous texture of the bone disappears; its specific gravityis increased; it becomes hard, firm, and like ivory. In rare instances it may also be wise to wash out the stomach and colon. The introduction of a drug into the spinal fluid usually produces some general reaction if the anesthesia extends much above Poupart's ligament, but careful spinal anesthesia must rank between general narcosis and a purely local anesthesia. To effect a more general ionization and conductivity water only is essential. The tumor had become very little larger till some days previous, when, having exposed herself to cold and being"unwell," the discharge had ceased and the tumor became tender and began sensibly to increase in size. A single case of this character, even if there were no others, and further testimony, weighs heavily as positive evidence against a host of negatives, and is, moreover, not open to the objection urged against the observations of Sir John Forbes, that"certain morbid conditions of the heart have only lately been brought to light, and so might reasonably have been overlooked.""The absence of any constant morbid condition, in instances where organic disease is found, and the frequent existence of all kinds of organic lesion, without trace of angina, incline me very much to the belief, that the essential circumstance in the disorder under consideration, is an attack of neuralgia, quite similar to that which would be unimportant elsewhere. Of these two eflfects the tbrnier is directly proportionate to the elastic yiddingncss more elastic the artery the more is its area increased during the ventricular systole, and the less the augmentation of blood-pressure. Such as this:" Two' hot dogs,' choice of an undergraduate in the University of Pennsylvania. The condition probably exists everywhere, and no white race is exempt ( The scrotum was carefully examined, and cellular adhesions were found established in all points of the tunica. From that time to the present, we have witnessed occasional cases of scarlet fever and of typhoid fever. On the other hand, the formation of the buffy coat appears to be hindered, when the blood trickles from a small opening in the vein, and when it is caught in a large flat vessel. The diarrhoea is too copious if the evacuations exceed four or five a-day, being of considerable quantity and fluid.

Lavenstein Instructor in Pediatrics Mary L ( We regret, however, that we cannot follow Dr Maclachlan through these different branches of his subject; and we can only hope that our readers will be encouraged to consult the work for themselves, in which they may depend upon finding a large amount of valuable information regarding all the more important diseases of advanced The Sixty- Second Report of the London Fever Hospital for the Year The London Fever Hospital is one of the most important of the metropolitan charitable institutions. In addition to the usual symptoms, there was reason to suspect sloughing of the protruded parts, and escape of fajcal matter into the hernial sac. Respirations are but slightly increased. A beautiful illustration of this doctrine seems to him to be presented in surgery by pneumothorax with emphysema, resulting from puncture of the lung by a fractured rib. The development of active immunization by means of toxin-antitoxin mixtures constitutes one of the most notable contributions of medical science to the welfare of mankind.

These changes of place sometimes the consequence of disease, sometimes its cause, and not unfrequently the cause of death respect chiefly the viscera; and most especially the viscera of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis. As a probable cause of the sloughing in the wound and afterwards in the back, it may be mentioned that shortly after the operation, an epidemic of hospital gangrene broke out in the wards and attacked the wound in G. The place is situated sixty-seven miles south of Louisville on the Illinois Central railroad and is a beautiful retreat. And at the three re-operated on after several years the dark tissue has always been seen sandwiched between the original dura mater and a new layer, which strips up from the bone at operation just as the original did.

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