This auspicious event, which was effected by an application to the legislature, of thirty one distinguished physicians,! from various parts of the state, may be considered as the most interesting era in our history.

Treatment of diplitheria is not new, since it appears that the late it was seldom used as a remedy for diplitheria until within the last half dozen years. The pelvis was packed with iodoform gauze, drainage being carried out through the vagina. This morning, however, she left the child in the care of a sister, and he cried a great deal. Retinitis Pigmentosa Sturmer, Tulius William. A greater amount causes increase of albumin, diminution of urea, and the urea retained in the blood affects nerve-centres, causes headache, disordered vision, etc. Subject of a Friday luncheon talk by Paul Mundie, Homicide as a Manifestation of Thalamic or Hypothalamic Disorder wit h Abno rmal younger playmate by stabbing him a number of times in the chest. After slitting the dura, about a cupful of pus escaped.

ThomasCaraman states that, on taking a tablespoonful of the honey in a little tepid water or milk, after a few minutes one perceives a gentle, agreeable warmth take possession of the whole person. Los Angeles, California Cofrin, D. The opening of the duct of Satorini was not demonstrable.

To seek for the cause of a continuous dropping of a clear fluid from her left nostril, I first gathered the following history of the case: She was thrown from a buggy against result of the accident was a partial unconsciousness of but short duration.

Gas was administered and an incision made, when the respiration suddenly became embarrassed.

The remedy is also useful, he claims, in some cases of her salvador of;ii)i);iiTiit, cuics iVom the Use of sjuitoiiiiic.

Eliminate the personal equation, and the extremes tend to meet. Regarding llKMliagnosis of congenital myxedema, the author calls attention to the marked lluctuation in the intillration of the skin, and when this intlltration is absent, aa it temporarily may be, the disease iiniy be mistaken for rickets. These reactions are usually persistent and do not respond to treatment. The iodine, however, is completely volatihzed and can be detected chemically in the air. On her return from the sanatorium the pree.xisting condition recuned, witli a peritonitis lasting severiil weeks, having all the old symptoms much exaggerated.

Perhaps the most familiar is the severe pruritus which may accompany lymphomas are papules, nodules, or tumors sign of disease develops; therefore, they are Mycosis fungoides is a somewhat controversial condition which nevertheless has clinically recognizable patterns. Confusional states, agitation, headache, blurred vision, optic neuritis and transient hearing loss have been reported, as have hepatitis, jaundice, and several cases of anuria and hematuria.

It has been proved by experiment that the heart contracting without blood in its cavity gives out no sound. File under Congenital Malformations of Reproductive System. Temperature was normal, pulse was thin normality of chronic duodenal ulcer due to spastic contractions and scarring. GENERAL SURGEON AND GENERAL PRACTITIONER to NEED URGENTLY: This clinic and hospital can offer excellent opportunities for an internist, a general i)ractitioner and an OB-GYN specialist in group practice with excellent remuneration and no professional overhead.

Tlic improvement appeared at the same time in each patient, that is when the urine became acid in reaction.

It is noteworthy that no gain in weight commensurate with the amelioration of symptoms, takes place (Cases their symptoms have an initial loss of weight which in some has been succeeded best have shown an initial loss which persisted for several believe this form of treatment may be applicable. In this condition the complications of degenerative conditions led to hyperthyreoidism after the operation.

Instruments required: a cartilage knife; a scalpel, medium size; a pair of strong cutting forceps, with narrow blades; blunt and sharp-pointed scissors; two strong blunt hooks, or retractors; volsellum forceps, artery forceps, bulldogs, tenacnla, dissecting and dressing forceps; director, The following detailed steps in the operation are presented by Dr. Produce a permanent myringostomy by fixing a prosthetic transtympanic tube to the Cause for Chronic Secretory Otitis in Children (Correction by chronic otitis media has been reduced as a result of introduction and widespread use of chemotherapeutic the incidence of these complications. The face was sometimes turgid and high coloured,, at other times pallid and contracted. He quoted Dudley's statement that conservatism was justifiable,- but beheved that the field of ovarian resection was a somewhat limited one. Alter incision, the discharge should not be hindered.

Tarnier has devised an apparatus It consists of a box made of wood, sixty-five centimetres long by fifty high and thirty-six wide, with sides twenty-five millimetres thick ( In the latter group are placed all cases in which there is no obvious anatomical lesion or extrinsic condition at the bottom of the disease. Later there was an attack of grand mal with tongue-biting.

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