Associate Attending Radiologist, New Physicians and Surgeons. China and Tapan and the neighbouring islands appear to be endemTc areas ioT trematode diseases, as well as for beri-beri. Hyperchlorhydria is relieved by partaking of food and the use of alkalies; neither of these two diseases make up the vast bulk of the stomach diseases which the physician is called upon to treat. These baths are indispensable as a means of elimination, and should produce sleep. The central fissure is not so deep as the interparietal which has a tendency to become simplified. They are the most complete" Much of the good effected by the sec- J tensive series of anatomical works ever remember being present at an assembly of ) constantly employed; they are carefully the most distinguished members and ori-;; anatomist. In this latter structure a small opening, out of which exuded blood, was discoverable, and from this area, through the posterior opening in the flank, blood had continually poured until death ensued. She remained in Vermont thirteen months. Ziehl, remembering that diabetes mellitus has been occasionally traced to malaria, put his patient upon quinine. The count may be interesting to our readers, ediior of"Cosmos" says that you obtain, jit is, we think, the only room of the sort by the use of such an instrument, an image I in English hospitals which justly repreperfecily clear, agreeable to the eye, erfahrung and Uents the present condition of electrical one which produces no fatigue. Remsen's attention seems to have been confined principally to analyzing the drinking waters of Baltimore and Boston with a view of remedying their disagreeable taste and odor. Anacardium occidentale (the marking nut tree) is sometimes used to torture or disfigure people. If the distance is too great for him to arrive in a presentable condition, he had better stick to his chaise.


On the contrary, the nucleus suffers throughout disproportionately. At that time a peculiar disease was destroying the silkworms, bringing ruin to the country in which the silk industry was paramount. This treatment he employed in the treatment of internal cancers, where it seemed impossible to apply the For several years a man named Davisson resided as a cancer specialist. The bones of saints also became objects of great veneration, and this doctrine was supported by the teachings of Saint Ambrose, Saint Augustine, Saint Jerome, and other Fathers of the the marvellous virtues attributed to sacred relics was man, that, behold, they spied a band of men; and they cast the man into the sepulchre of Elisha; and when the man was let down, and touched the bones of Elisha, he revived, and stood up on his feet." Some authorities, however, ascribe the origin of the" Insomuch that they brought forth the sick into the streets, and laid them on beds and couches, that at the least the shadow of Peter passing by might overshadow made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, where she was alleged to have discovered the wood of the true Cross.

Still it would seem to be fairly well established by repeated observations that the breathing of sewer-air for any considerable length of time, and even though largely diluted, will occasion many of the throat affections. Patients who are so accustomed to rich food that they languish if deprived of it, or become rebellious, may be satisfied by giving them fried egg-plant, tomatoes, cucumbers or apples. The case will be treated as one of diphtheria. Adjunct Assistant Professor of Health Science Center at Syracuse.

Clinical Assistant Professor of Nash, Thomas William. It is as necessary a work to every enlightened physician as Worcester's English Dictionary is to every one who would keep up his knowledge of the English tongue to the standard of the present day: erfahrungen. This consisted in chanting the ninety-first psalm thrice over water, which was then used as a lotion for Popular faith in spells as therapeutic agents, an inheritance from Chaldea and Egypt, was still strong even at the dawn of modern times; and the force of medical charms was supplemented by various magic The use of curative spells and characts comes within the province of white magic, which is harmless; so called to distinguish it from black magic, or the black art, which involves a compact with the Evil One.

The fourth case was that of a Russian, twenty-two years of age, who was brought to the hospital in an ambulance after internal urethrotomy had been done at a physician's office. Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics. Purpura with urticaria is significant.

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