It is almost invariably developed as a consequence of pulmonary tuberculosis, and then, as a general rule, not until the affection has established itself as pulmonary phthisis," The most common position of tubercle in the air passages (where it is very commonly met with), is the larynx." The majority of modern pathologists agree, as we believe, with Rokitansky on this point. In a third case, one of earache without inflammatory symptoms, in a boy six years of age, a two per cent, solution was dropped into the external auditoiy canal, and immediate and permanent relief was obtained. Repetition of knowledge through speech or sight secures familiarity and consequent recollection. With anaesthetics, the little risk, infinitesimally small, is immensely counterbalanced by the protection from the very many dangers during operations, so well known and so often experienced when operations were performed without them (down). When that is peeled off, a red spot is visible, slightly depressed in its centre; but, on the nose, rapidly becoming dry and iiitted. Imbedded in closed the calculus was found a cherry pit, and my patient then remembered, when a child, putting some cherry seed in his nose, but it was thought at the time that all had been removed. Brighton is of easy access from all parts of the south coast, and is but little more than an hour's run by rail from London, where alone we have over nine hundred members in the Metropolitan Counties Sir: All those who attended the Cardiff meeting must admit that it was one of the most pleasant and also one of the most successful of those held within the last few years (avis).

The him that, as working stated in our article, we had no such intentions; and as to the second, I pointed out to him a dangerous error in the attempted correction, viz., that chloride of lime or Labarraque's solution would not decolorize the potassium permanganate in the solution, while it would precipitate the mercuric chloride, and in this way entirely destroy the value of the solution. She arrived in Aiken seven weeks ago and has improved, having already reveals dulness on the left side extending from the clavicle to the fourth rib, and under the upper portion of until the middle of March, when she was unfortunate in contracting a severe cold, during which she suffered with severe pleuritic pains and lost her voice. Face was heavy, dull, and depressed, and showed the Hues of pain. Not - the ELIXiR SIX APERIEKS ia remedy toT obstinate constipation of the Bowels and the Diseases which attend it, as Headache, Flatulence, Piles, Liuer, Stomach, Intestinal and Uterine Troubles, Muscular Fibres of the Intestines, thereby producing permanent beuiCt upon the Peristaltic Action of the elegant Phirmaceutical Preparation which movsa TKB BcwELa aeWTUV without PilN OR OTHBB INCCN' B Physicians when prescribing will please v.-rite: HYPNOTIC, NEUROTIC AND NERVE SEDATIVE For Insomnia and the Neuroses Sulfonal is a safe and active remedy, inducing physiological sleep, free from narcosis, and without sequelae.


Your famous university, and indeed these lectures themselves, owe their origin to such idealistic impulses.

From this it must be seen that the intimation that my services were dispensed with on account of my commercial work is absolutely false. The other day, in going to the house of our old friend Mrs. We should, moreover, remember what post-mortem examinations have taught us, that primary atrophy may occur at any point in the course of the optic nerve from the corpora quadrigeraina downwards and affect the vision very seriously before any sign is seen at the disks. The penumbra of the psychological work can be filled in with the effusions of Dubois, the output of the Emanuel school and the varied emanations, neither psychological nor philosophical, which involve a loose analysis in their ill coordinated therapeutic procedures. The subject brought to himself, preserves no flashback remembrance of what has passed during the preceeding time.

The cause of the formation of this coagulum is by no means evident, although it is probable that the condition of the mortified vessel interrupts the passage of the blood through it, and a coagulum is consequently formed extending to the next important collateral branch.

Among the pathological conditions in the course of which fatty liver appears, the most frequent is tuberculosis; and the fact that this state in children is most frequently manifested as disease of the lymphatic glands and not of the lungs, negatives the supposition that the excessive deposit of fatty matter in the liver in connection with tuberculosis is due to deficient oxidation of hydrocarbons. Culbert Lyon, of the Army Medical Reserve Corps, should have contributed to the October number of the Military Surgeon an article dealing with the stings of the venomous snakes of the United States and their treatment.

The opening having been enlarged, a fibroid tumor of cartilaginous hardness was seen, attached by a broad base to the inner wall and filling up the postero-inferior half of the tympanic cavity. Outpatient biopsy techniques are available that give adequate samples with minimal discomfort. Mackenzie of Glasgow Glasses." He teUs us how to adapt proper glasses in individual cases; and winds up with directions to be given to the patient. Lago poignantly"The Moor already changes with the poison: Dangerous conceits are, in their nature, poisons; Which, at first, are scarce found to taste. His first reported case, a successful Csesarean section on a native of the Island of Samar and performed in an old nipa thatched shack, was read before the printed in the Nezv York Medical Jotinial of May, in the wound and on the suture material and its use as a post partum douche was first reported in As the writer advocates its use, based on experience, as the sole antiseptic throughout operations for sterilizing hands, instruments, and suture material (at the time of operation without previous preparation), and for its local application in the fu'l lacerated internal lateral and capsular ligaments. The lining forum membrane of the bronchi upon both sides were intensely hyperaemic and the tubes partially filled with frothy exudate. On the fourth night slept but two hours, and was much excited after and sdon became quieter. Essays must be sent to the Secretaryof the Association, Graeme Each essay shall be accompanied by safe a sealed envelope containing the name and address of the author, and bearing on the outside a motto, which shall also be inscribed upon the essay. Disposing of fecal matter in permanent camps.

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