She "karta" also generally fell down towards the right side. By some, ferments have been regarded as independent organisms, with a life and existence separate and distinct from the body they were supposed to infect; by others, substances possibly of an inorganic nature; while by others again they have been held to be minute particles carried over from the diseased body to the one which was to But the theory of independent organisms fell into disrepute when it was claimed by its zealous advocates that nearly every" catching" disease is due to a special organism. That intention having been unhappily ftustmed, and as he had already authorised Mr.

Pyocyaneus tested appeared as very short oval bacilli, almost like micrococci, while the new bacillus showed as a long fine rod, from four to six times as long as broad, about one-half the diameter of a red bloodcorpuscle, and arranged sometimes two or three end to end. All that can be said is that the crania of the higher orders of Mammals, as a whole, are distinguished from those of the lower orders by the an podu example of the"aberrant" monotreme type of skull. He has also administered the agent in the form of pill, the dose being half a grain to a grain, simple uncomplicated torpor of the intestines," he says,"or in constipation accompanying temporary gastric disorder, the powder, alone or auxiliary to appropriate remedies, is preferable to other preparations of its class. The body of this man was greatly emaciated, and presented a At the time this disease, which I have denominated Cerebrospinal Meningitis, made its appearance, the troops were comfortably quartered about three miles back from Varina Landing on the James River. The human organism cannot exist without mineral elements and salts in true organic form as they are indispensable foods. The breaking up of sugar into as he presented symptoms which threat- ( side with the decomposition of anhydrous Bavarian Academy of Sciences a short; about by the action of the merest trace of the result of a vibration produced by the j particularly of the latter after it has underchemical changes which take place in some J gone the ordinary process of cooking or plant. The general measures that have been suggested are easy enough to understand when once the evils are Attention to sewer pipes seems to be a matter of the greatest consequence, and as they have been frequently left open in erecting buildings, they should be most carefully examined.

I can myself say that I was never present when a human being died from the administration of any anaesthetic, and I have been engaged in the study and practice of general anaesthesia ever since the introduction of the practice. This same laryngoscope has been employed lately to establish breathing in children who were born in a Dr.

Secondly, the approach of cataract may be observed in its earliest stage, and long before it is discoverable by the unassisted eye. The kitchen where the foup is prepared.

Are these tendencies to disease these diatheses inherited? That they are so can scarcely be doubted; and being so, the diseases which spring out of them must also be counted as hereditary. Important amendments had been suggested by the council and it remained to be seen whether the powers conferred on the insurance commissioners sufficed to injure that these questions would be settled in a satisfactory manner. One represents a group of four calculi, which brought a In the month of October preceding, he had consulted a surgeon, who had proved the presence of some gravel, and had scraped some debris into the grasp of the litholabe. Thus, extirpation of the entire pituitary in animals causes great depression, apathy, weakness, tremor, dyspnea, emaciation, and fatal cachexia. Five brothers and sisters older than herself, all had excellent sight. Although young, the Doctor is already quite ripe in medical and surgical lore, having graduated at Rush Medical College, attended one year at Bellevue, one year in Paris, and already six months in this city. The tincture is said to be easily made, and to have a pleasant aromatic taste; it acts be so; but, ccmsidering the comparative failure of the sul)stances which have hitherto been recommended as substitutes for cin cliona and qninia, still more extended and' caretui observation will be necessary before; recognizing the claims of the eucalyptus; dependence can be placed. The general health is quiet, and he has no expectoration: Of these, five had been vaccinated, and throe not In all; the duration of what he calls the stage of inoculation lasted I eight days.

An accurate and minute anatomist, a rapid and expert dissector, courteous and attentive to his classes, the College is to be congratulated upon its success in securing his services. He has also a large collection of ossiculn auditi'is of the mammalia, ruchw probably the most complete in the world, as it obtained the medal at the London Exhibition.

Tracheotomy was performed as its first step, and during the remainder of the operation, ether was administered through the tracheal canula.

In these sandy flats that are the older portion of the city stables, cellars, privy vaults and wells have, for many years, been interspersed with nothing that approximates or deserves the name of sewer to mitigate the consequences.

As the injected fluid causes an elevation of the skin, making a little reservoir in the subcutaneous cellular tissues with the puncture as an outlet, it is best by pressure with the finger upon this prominence to disseminate the fluid through the plane of areolar tissue before the canula be withdrawn; otherwise some of the injected fluid will escape, and the full dose not be retained for absorption. We have every reason to believe that we shall have another ill us tration of the fact in the disappointment of many worthy applicants, who may in their innocence suppose their chances to be reasonably good for the vacancy to which we have referred. The different forms of dipsomania correspond in their manifestations, and oftentimes in their causes, to other cases of mental disease, and cannot properly, I think, be separated from them as regards the fact of the disease.

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