His eyes were sticking out of their sockets, and he screamed and gasped for breath.

There is no conceivable indication for any operative attack upon the seventh nerve within the fossa, but in the case of the eighth nerve Krause has recommended and practised its division for the relief of persistent seris tinnitus aurium.

E., at a time when the diagnosis is most difficult from the symptoms alone.

Gastric lavage was given on the table, and a large amount of dark, faecaloid fluid was brought away.

It had been demonstrated that the admission of ordinary air to the test-tube always caused putrefaction; what was more natural than to assume that the admission of air to wounds carried with it the germs of suppuration and that its exclusion was a necessity? The paramount importance attributed to air infection in surgery is well illustrated by an incident which I recall from my interne days at Bellevue Hospital. Unfortunately scientific proof of a causal relationship between fats in the diet, the blood lipids, and coronary artery disease is still lacking, although there are promising clues. Seriously, gentlemen, the whole problem which we have been considering this evening, especially during the the whole pi-obleiu ol" the sir-cchs of mcMlji-iil education seems to hinge upon tluH, the increasing ol'the endowments of these departments. The inferior half of the medullary canal is considerably enlarged and full of pus in a semi-concrete or semi-liquid state. The bullet wound was explored, but no "" trace of bullet was found. Kvon our friend as evidence of veiy great forbearance on the part of the medical profession. Beverley Randolph forum Kennor February ist. The experimental data fall naturally under two heads: (i) experiments in which waters were treated with definite amounts of copper placed in contact with metallic copper and allowed to absorb an unknown amount of copper. The relation between the amount of reducing substances in the urine and the weight of the patient furnishes a ready index to the products of incomplete oxidation. When the habit is full, and the fever is high, a wet-sheet pack is indicated; if there is chilling as well as fever, a hot-air bath, or blanket-pack with wet compress on the heated parts. At the present time w T e cannot attack the latter dysfunction, but means are available to remedy the first tw r o abnormalities. In the past ten years at Bellevue Hospital we have only found one such patient. It is this inability on the part of the reparative process, unaided by art, to securely close the artery on the distal side of the wound, which makes the application of a distal ligature a matter of so much importance in all cases of wounds involving arteries of magnitude. This year, the American Medical Women's Association geared its meetings to inform and educate its members. In the following pages will be found an account of four cases of intermediary hemorrhage.

Our expe Use of Nonbasic Alum in Mechanical Filtration rience has been that this fear is unfounded, and that there is an advantage in having the iron present in the ferrous form instead of in the ferric.

Without a doubt, many residents in dermatology, practicing dermatologists, and general practitioners will find a surgical orientation in this volume which will facilitate clinical A New Psychotherapy in Schizophrenia.


A stick should then bo thnist between Modo of employing flexion for the orrost of bemorrbairo from a wound Mode of emplojdng flexion for the arrest of hemorrhage from a wound Mode of employlnflr flexion for the arrest of hemorrhage from a wound located between the thigh and knee. Worst hurt are the uninsured and the elderly citizens on Medicare who face a catastrophic illness. He was courtmartialed and severely punished.

University of Vermont, to respond on behf.!f of that institution. Although there is comparatively little danger of the introduction of any infectious disease by the returning army from Manchuria, the precedent set by Goto has been followed and the regular quarantine service at the ports of Yokohama, Kobe, Nagasaki, Moji and Hakodate have not only been strengthened, but no less than twelve temporary quarantine stations at various ports of entry have been established, so that every person returning from the field must undergo careful inspection and fumigation of his clothing, and he may be detained if necessary. Two zones are often distinguished.

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