The Board brings this matter to the attention of the Association as a matter of information without recommendation. The eyes seem starting from their sockets: and, in consequence of the spasmodic action of their muscles, are drawn obliquely upwards, one to the inner and the other to the outer canthus; so that none of the pupil, and but a small portion of the cornea, can be seen. "Nursing home care is central in the problem of care of the Much of the illness of old age is of a long-term type and new methods of caring for such illness are needed, he said. Any such changes shall be reported immediately to the collector of internal revenue for your district in order that their effect upon your exempt You will be required, however, to file annually as this exemption remains in effect. - it can be seen, therefore, that the number of students graduating annually is not sufficient to supply interns for all hospitals seeking them, far less to in Detroit; University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor (Drs. It is said to be the same as aquw ammonia acetatae. During the fit there was an intermifTion of the pulfe (the firft time) of no lefs than thirteen ftrokes. The pushing of the foetal head through the pelvic track by uterine contractions, whereby flexion is made at the brim in most instances, and maintained until the bony part of the pelvic floor is reached, when extension begins is one thing, and it is the one natural thing to be imitated; but it is quite another where the head is pulled through the same canal by an instrument which has no controlling or guiding power as to the direction to be pursued. It is scarcely necessary that I should insist on the sparest diet only being allowed, while we are pursuing the plan I have just It must of course be understood that the practice above recommended is only applicable to the first stage of peritonitis, while the inflammatory has arrived, the continuance of such treatment would invariably tend to hasten the fatal termination. Disease, hereafter to be noticed under the term hydrosis, although perhaps equally profuse; because here they bring immediate relief to all the symptoms, while in hydrosis, they are There is another fever incidental to the puerperal state, rarely met with under the improved method of treatment now pursued after labour, but miliary fever. It is well, therefore, to determine as far as possible and practicable whether one or all of the following conditions prevail in a given skin disease before without further measures, such as removal vehicle should be used in order to get the medicament to the lesion? Should it be applied as an aqueous compress, given parenterally, or used in a water soluble absorptive-base ointment, or possibly in a water The above necessarily goes through the failure of his therapy, and in the evaluation of the antibiotics these principles must be adhered to. Dieuaide, Medical Corps, Chief of the Tropical Disease Treatment Branch of the Medicine Division, said. The antient glossocatochus was a sort of forceps, one of the blades of which served to depress the tongue, while the other was applied under the chin.

All men are mortal and our manipulation of the arithmetic of death by subtracting the mortality from preventable diseases must inevitably add to the toll of this benign and The purpose of this paper is to present a statistical analysis of the occurrence of clinical heart disease in our practice with particular reference to relative incidence of the various etiological types of heart disease occurring in Alabama and a comparison with similar figures from other sections of the country. A front view of the pelvis is given in both the illustrations; but it must be remembered that in practice the woman must be placed on her left side. And a Dumbo pilot is the guy whose entry into any officers' mess is hailed with shouts of:"Steak for the Dumbo pilotl" (He gets the steak, even if it happens to be the last one in the mess.) The name itself was the result of trigger-thinking on the part of an unknown operations officer, who had to devise a radio code name for the rescue planes a few minutes before a sortie. For my purpose the cases were good, since all of the small patients were children of the German East Side. As long as the stupor remains, the inflammation of the brain seems to be moderate; but as the former abates, the latter seldom fails to increase; and this constitutes the third stage, which is the most important of These several stages vary considerably in their degree and duration; but more or less of each will be found to take place in every instance where the brain has been violently shaken. We are expected in this country, to give our attention both to the mother and her infant during the whole puerperal month; or at ldfest until she has quitted her chamber; it is necessary that a visit should be made daily, until the end of a week; after which time the attendance may be regulated according to the circumstances of each case. This was much simpler than in most cases due to the fat. They are used in rickets, pigmentation, indolent ulcers and wounds, skin conditions and calcium deficiency.

In order to make ice, pour a little water into the tube, taking care not to wet the outside, nor to leave it moist. There were normal bowel sounds and no palpable masses. A tertian fever, wilh FEBRIS AUTUMNALIS.

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