However, the treatment I advise is more or less applicable to the relief of many cases occurring earlier than the seventh month. We said the oxygen changes this dark red color. If nocturnal hypoglycemia occurs it is not because of any greater intensity of insulin action at this time but because the amount is so large as to render the basic level too low. Herbert Karol, formerly of Chicago, was recently reported to have been the first American physician to arrive on the island of Leyte diiring the American invasion. Caldwell said, and I feel that the more attention the roentgenologists pay to these factors, the more uniform their work will be.

Field studies on the chemical control of the stem borer Chilo partellus on hybrid sorghum in India. This is effectively done by thyroidectomy, as Kocher's admirable statistics prove. Of these, twm had subcutaneous nodules on the legs and buttocks, and one had a lesion on the shoulder where it was irritated by the shoulder straps. Poliak has been doing on finding tuberculosis in our State institutions. It remained for the Greeks, however, to establish the earliest principles of scientific medicine. Passed her examination as Doctor of Medicine at the University daring twenty years, with eight eases. Tests on laboratory animals and on tubercular cows in order to determine the value of the morruato cupric colloidal (gadusan) in the intradermal reaction. The effects of some soil-borne fungi on the sex ratio of Heterodera rostochiensis on tomato.

Associate Professor Susan Muller-Weeks, Ph.D. The patient slept well after the operation, and was up the following day, despite injunctions to the contrary, and his recovery rapid and complete. Whenever you have distinct evidence of pus, get at it and give it free exit.

Then your new patient arrives. Undue repetition of menu items is avoided within a given week and from week "" to week so that interesting variety results, an attractive colorful counter is at the bottom of the page to show a possible nutritious box lunch to be sold from canteen centers in the plant encourage workers to bring good lunches from home. The Student Affairs Division of the California Institute of Technology is seeking an individual to direct the overall operations of the Student Health Center and its outreach programs, as well as provide direct patient care in internal medicine. It is a pity that our founding members could not be given a glimpse of the medicine of today. Allow me also to thank you for your kind invitation and for the cordial words of introduction by your President. Probe will not pass far along this sinus.

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