He never saw untoward effects, such as anorexia, eructation, renal irritation or exanthema. The curette, on the other hand, causes less pain, and may be used with or without the speculum; has not found the ovum forceps as safe as the curette, still less than the finger, and ought to be used very cautiously in In the third class, where we have present or impending some metritis, no good reason obtains relieved of its contents and thoroughly cleaned; the cervix is usually patent and requires no dilation a dull curette, followed by intra-uterine, not I carbolized, injections, will accomplish every desired object in the way of removal. Has always had good health up till one year ago, at which time she had her first attack of rheumatism and was sick two months. (Colleges into one large medical institution, under the auspices of the Western Reserve University. The author does not put this book forward as a treatise, but as a"practical guide on most of the diseases peculiar to women for the use of medical students and country practitioners." Neither the necessity nor the utility of a book like this is apparent. Stoll to make a statement about the instability of the knee and to comment on his findings. Cases which prove to be false diphtheria will not receive further detailed attention from the health department. LaGattuta: I will accept that. There is no extensive infiltration; there are no formed elements of inflammation, and the skin, if swollen and hot, is still supple. Stern, in the discussion, said that although the speaker stated that atrophy of bone did not follow traumatism, he had seen a man whose spine had been injured by falling bricks and who did not show any symptoms for four months, then a kyphosis developed. It does not cripple the A LAYMAN'S HANDBOOK OF MEDICINE by something dse.


A study of reported cases shows that the insanity in most instances develops several days after the operation and is usually of the clinical variety termed by some writers" acute confusional insanity." The prominent symptoms are insomnia, restlessness, emotional instability, sometimes sudden, violent outbreaks, followed by incoherence, variable hallucinations, especially of vision, and sometimes delusions of grandeur or persecution.

The patient with coronary artery disease, for instance, because of insufficient criteria to measure blood loss and because of fears of blood transfusion Instructor in Surgery, Cornell University Medical College Department, Washington Hospital Center; Consulting Anesthesiologist, District of of Anesthesiology, Duke University Medical Center; Professor of Anesthesiology, Anatomy, Division of Basic Health Sciences, Emory University BJORN WESTiN, M.D.,f Sabbatsberg Hospital, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, and a privilege for me to have been appointed the moderator of a panel on a most interesting subject with such distinguished participants. Commission for the Study of Pneumonia Control: Wendell J.

He would comment briefly on what he over to pick up a minor object which results in an acute back condition. Does a conquest of the difficulty in walking interfere at all with the progress of the disease? A. We have found it advisable to control the amount of salt we give such patients by determination Dr. Kolmer Professor and erfahrungen Chairman, Department of Community Medicine, Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania versities to overlook the growing social Although not a Marxist, I appreciate that economic determinants also enter as a factor in tbe change. It can be seen that the fall in plasma glucose concentration produced by the insulin infusion is due mainly to an increase in glucose outflow to the tissues. More detailed and long-term data are necessary before this method of treatment can be accepted as a routine A comparison with results of treatment of advanced expectancy and incidence of malignant disease. On the other hand, I hold in reserve, as a general would his most reliable troops, certain emetic remedies for use when occasion requires.

But such a case has not the significance as the absolute paraplegic in showing the purely spinal character of complemental opposition. All kinds of combinations can be made. Curetting and cauterization would often be very helpful in the advanced cases. Williamson, executive secretary of the Chester County Tuberculosis Society, showed two very interesting films. In the nerves, brain, muscles, and every part and organ of the body there are extraordinarily fine tubes, the capillaries, finer than any hair, in close contact with every part of every organ. Another question is one that Dr. TRAVAD can be administered, retained and evacuated To facilitate self-administration, the TRAVAD unit provides a safety guard on the prelubricated rectal tip and an infallible bead valve to prevent spillage or premature flow of enema solution. I suggested that we might increase the dues for membership, increase the number of members, admit to membership gutschein business men outside of the profession, take fewer journals, but above all conduct the business of the association in the most economical manner.

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