Beside the cases in which flowers open and shut their corollas by the influence of light, instances are known in which merely the petals roll up by day, and resume their natural shape after sunset A remarkable circumstance respecting the effect of atmospheric influence, is, that the same causes do not affect all plants, and yet no peculiarity or construction has been discovered in those so affected to distinguish them from those that are uot. No nodules found on the scalp, scapulae, spinous processes of vertebrae, or feet.

In general, however, we may say, that though the liver is vital in its function of dealing with protein metabolism, tests of this hepatic function of practical clinic value have There are, according to physiologists, three distinct types of fat in the body based on their ability to be oxidized: First, depot fat, or stored fat, poorly combustible.

We had many cases and several deaths. There was a total absence of any of the signs of inflammation, and the cord was very slightly thickened. Each student must show evidence of satisfactory vaccination against smallpox.

The moist gangrene above has also extended, numerous blebs having formed at the periphery of the first patch, and a succession of them invading from day to day the neighbouring sound skin; the pain in the calf of the leg is much less, but there is now great tenderness to the touch or on motion, with preternatui-al heat in the popliteal space, and in the evening she complained of much pain and numbness in the right arm; tliere is no discoloration; the radial pulse at this side is scarcely careworn; the temperature of this arm is somewhat lower than that of the left; no pulsation can now be felt at the wrist or in the course of the brachial artery; only a very slight pulsation can be felt over the axillary artery. On coming under observation she was found to present slight wasting of the muscles of the right arm and forearm, and marked wasting of the small muscles of the right hand.

To make sure a focal infection is responsible for a particular general condition one must first make sure that the focal infection is there and then that there is not some other cause for that particular condition. Now, if we consider that in both early and late pregnancy there is a marked deficiency of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, and that this hypochlorhydria is more pronounced the first three or four months, the time when nausea and vomiting are most commonly found, some relation between the vomiting and the acidity of the gastric contents would be suggested. The nutiitive process is materially checked in all vegetable and animal life, when deprived of light for a considerable time.

Resolved, That as a token of respect for our fellow who has fallen by the way, weary in the march of life, we wear the usual badge of mourning and attend the funeral in a body. For days he would lie huddled up in bed, and then be quite bright again and try to get hold of something to read; his intellect was in no way impaired: at times the vomiting was very persistent: he gradually got worse, and the sight faded with increasing optic neuritis; all the reflexes were exaggerated ( One of the essential features of such early diagnosis is microscopic examination of tissue removed for that purpose in doubtful cases. And, in the case of ants, I unhesitatingly assert that the evidence point to such a high degree of intelligent communication and comprehen sion among these little insects, that Lubbock's statement that the ant Were it not for a psychical accident and anatomical barriers, I am convinced that certain of the higher animals, such as the dog, the cat, and the monkey, would be able to express ideation through articulate speech.

If the face shows it first, the eyes stare; the brow, temples and scalp look lean; the muscular tissues of all the limbs soon waste, and the pectoral muscles, as also all the chest muscles waste away, and then the breathing is already The diminished respiration is soon attended with cough; then pains are felt all through the breast or thorax.

The conjunctivaj were injected on the second and third days of the disease. Should there be any such cases, I can always, for a moderate recompense, attend to them either in person or by mail; as there is no plant (foreign or domestic,) mentioned in this book, the free use of four to five feet. " The chemical composition of the clear urine was as" If we reduce these proportions to per-ccntage numbers, and compare with the per-ccntage composition of the constituents of healthy urine, they will stand thus:" From which you will perceive that the phosphates and extractive are greatly iu excess of the normal proportion. He agreed that morcellement was the proper treatment, and treatment of the lingual tonsil might follow by any of the methods, such as a saturated solution of salicylic acid applied locally ( Morfit would substitute the statement that a reputable expert accountant be employed for the name of the particular one mentioned.

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