The urine should be kept alkaline. Vaginal examination disclosed a large, firm, elastic tumor, occupying the pelvic inlet and projecting into the upper part of the pelvic cavity, with a space of about an incli between the anterior surface of the tumor and the.symphysis pubis, and a similar space on each side between the tumor and the pelvic brim. In the neighborhood of Berlin the various sewage farms cover an area of about seventeen thousand acres, and the experiment has answered so well that every year in large quantities, and, as it necessarily flowed on to a restricted space, the emanations therefrom were both offensive and harmful.

Fur all the outside walls can be continued up from first to second floor:

Dewar, who wrote a short account of the medical history of our last campaign in Egyjjt (ISOl), that the moderate amount of sickness that prevailed might have been still further reduced but for the thinness and smallness of the tents.

At the moment when the sigmoid valves are closed, the circulation receives a new impulse, which propels the blood into the vessel with an average velocity After the closure of the sigmoid valves, the acceleration communicated to the movement of the blood, by the dicrotic pulsation which is due to the occlusion, generally decreases with a certain slowness.

Wish to cast no censure on coroners as a body. The facts and conclusions of the paper led to discussion both in practice, although by no means to such an extent as might have been hoped.

We hope the book will receive the support it deserves, for it is full of practical points required by every mother and nurse. The only wonder to me was, they did not all fly to pieces in the mere testing. A third case is that of a lad fifteen years of age, who laid a wager that he would drink sixteen ounces of whisky, and then, to show how little effect it would take upon him, would walk up and down the room a certain number of times. Some patients thus pass six or eight fragments from the bowels in a day.

Physicians cannot be trained in a short space of time; and to deplete medical schools for the sake of securing a few thousand more soldiers would have been a sacrifice absolutely unwarranted in spite of the The present student population of medical colleges represents not merely the available supply of doctors for the United States for the next few years, but in all probability is to be the main source of medical attendants for the group of nations at present battling for the liberties of the The number of medical schools, students and graduates in the United States has been persistently decreasing, while the standards for matriculation and graduation have the face of an increasing population does not in itself present a serious problem. Pus is a greenish-yellow, creamy fluid, consisting, under the microscope, of the liquor puris and pus-cells or corpuscles.

Other peach equals a perfect Old Mixon in flavor, I care not where it is grown; and those grown on the Delaware and Chesapeake Peninsula are the most luscious of all the peaches of the world. It consists of an introduction, and six lectures, with a short appendix.

Certified and licensed to practice in West Vir- I ginia. It was not very painful on pressure, but the normal position and condition of the right kidney, gall bladder, ovaries, and stomach excluded this diagnosis, and I told the doctor it was my opinion it was a carcinoma of the ca;cuni.

He has always been abstemious in eating, but has been fond of salty foods. On our return, the os was not much more sensibly dilated, and there were no pains. Many of the compounds described and recommended in part first of this work, I have frequently found to operate in a contrary manner, or not at all, when not properly and minutely prepared, and long experience has taught me tlie great propriety of having every composition correctly and minutely prepared. Pears are stronger food than peaches, but not grown in the East, for eating purposes, are as follows: a large black grape with a blue bloom. She has had more or less constant leucorrhoea for the last six or eight years. Hence, if we would aid in the correction of ahuses ourselves, or even avoid standing as stumblingblocks in the way of the action of others, we must search carefully the progress of medical education from the commencement of our existence as.a nation, and thereby trace effects to their real causes; for it is not every coincident that bears the relation of cause and effect; or every apparently remote object or consequence that we are to consider as, prima facie, independent of what has preceded. While previous to hostili ties in Paris there was approximately one France, outside of Paris, there was only one as a whole the proportion of physicians to population is exceedingly high but this does not represent a fair criterion of availability owing to the large stretches of territory The rapid depletion of the medical force the country is bound to raise a number of important questions in meeting the numerous problems that will arise in maintaining the public health of the civil and industrial populations upon the high levels thus far reached, and in improving conditions that may develop in connection with military industrialism.

The scalp is thus apt to be torn and excoriated, and the serum which exudes may be suihcient to glue the hairs together, and to form crusts.

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