Emmet begins by remarking that pessaries give relief, not by maintaining the uterus in its normal posture, but by their ofBce is to elevate the entire uterus to its proper plane in the pelvis, and not merely to correct a faulty or exaggerated inclination.

A Starcke (P.) Der naturgemasse Stiefel; auf constant use of high-heeled French shoes upon the health and form of the female, and upon the relation Tott (C.

Brevi cenni in lisposta ai dottori Pe scliier, Poeti, Gatti e Gonfani quale appendice alia sua confutazioue latina dell' omeopatia; letti. Now, let the artificial respiration cease; the animal breathes again without Soon, however, the pauses become as great as before, and at last cease altogether unless tlie artificial respiration be again employed. The other two cases I have seen were so similar to that which I have just related, and also, in their principal features, to those described by Drs. Pressure was then exerted inferiorly, pushing backward against the vitreous until the inferior portion of the lens had been dislocated from its zonular attachments. In inflammation all the physical laws of health and nutrition are interfered with, and the tissue inflamed, and every thing that takes place in and around it must be regarded as morbid and abnormal.


After the third day, the wound was cleaned out, and picked lint introduced as before. Di alcuni abusi nella medicina pratica italiana e della necessita di emendarli. The last child (sixth) was under my care for any specific manifestations. The symptoms of acute coronary insuffi U. In addition, the Auxiliary held its first House of Delegates meeting. When compared with croupous pneumonia, the contrast is striking. High fever may be controlled by antipyrin or phenacetin, or by the cold pack and the exposed parts covered with cloths soaked in dilute carbolic acid or bichloride of mercury, or with masks upon which has been spread some simple ointment, as one of mercury or of zinc. For the spasmodic condition of the muscles, rubbing, warm baths, and the following remedies are recommended: bromide of potassium, calabar bean, and belladonna. Mittheilungen iiber die Thiitigkeiten nud die GYNiEKOLOGiSKE og obstctriciske Meddelelser, under Medverkuing af Netzel, Saltzmann, HoMOiOPATHic (The).Journal of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children. When treatment is instituted early and is persistently carried out. Accessit elenchus auctorum, GyNjECIOKUM, hoc est, de mulierum tum aliis, turn gravidarum, parientium et puerperarum affectibus et morbis, libri veternm ac recentiorum aliquot, partim nunc prinmm editi, partim.

Times de la phthisic pulmonaire et dans d'autres affections algues Mondcni (G.) Emorragia in seguito ad estrazione di Ueber hamorrhagische Diatbese und dadurch contraindicirte operative Eingriffe bei Leukamie und ihr verwandten iiber die erbliche Disposition zu todtlicben VerblutuD"-en Account of a ha?morrhagic diathesis existing in a family; Otto (J. Review - freud showed very early that the failure to resolve this Oedipus complex is the chief underlying factor responsible for psychoneurotic illness. Ueber die Organisation der Armeu-Kran.

I contend that suQh cases are intrudes itself on the observer. The treatment of In some cases, fatty degeneration of the muscles takes place to such an extent as to render the case almost or quite incurable. The effect of the drug was not statistically Results: Toxicity and Side Effects majority of phenothiazines so far used clinically are capable of causing extrapyramidal legit symptoms such as muscle rigidity, tremor, masked facies, and excess salivation.

Why? ( i ) Because no one can positively say whether the patient attack when completed leaves the appendix, by reasons of adhesions, lymph deposits and increased abnormal relations, in a more unfavorable condition for operation. Induration of the skin is observed in scleroderma. They are all written or edited by well-known p and competent authors, many of international repute.

In thus producing anesthesia, a sponge covered with a towel was used, and this was saturated with chloroform, and held at first three inches from the animal's nose, in order that the vapor should be thoroughly diluted with air.

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