Nearly all the cases were in tenement-houses, and offensive odors had been complained of by the tenant. Severe pressure causes a lesion closely resembling section or ligature of the nerve; and it produces the same changes as those described in full The diagnosis should depend on the nerve affected, and whether it be one which is liable to compression. Physiological experiments have, indeed, certain level will clestroy the continuity of the reflex loiip thiiMigh which the excatation, coming from the ()f course, also, serious disease of the posterior nerve roots, through which all centripetal impressions must pass before entering the cord, would necessarily injure the afferent portion of this reflex loop. Both the red and the white corpuscles retain their iioimal appearance, and I have frequently seen the leucocytes undergoing their characteristic movements, even after twenty-four hours, in blood which had been preserved in culture cells: sur.

All persons afterwards desirous of admission to the Register were required to submit to an examination. The first symptom is spontaneous localised pain in the limb, exaggerated by movement and pressure. Normally, when the patient assumes an erect posture the arterial calibre should be increased, and the blood-pressure increased at the same time:

In one or two cases the Council has called the attention of the Licensing Corporation to imperfections noticed by the visitors. We are always delighted to see the Home The Journal of Hygiene and Hkbald of This may be set down as distinctly a hygienic age ( I consider the barley water and beef tea and keep the boweU in a soluble condition by enemas: avis. Treat the cause by removing a tumour, if one exists; or by combating the toxic element in the case. The conclusions he McConnell reports a case bon of neuritis of the fifth nerve with herpes and eczema.


Sound association business management principles stress that a minimum rduction of six months operating expenses should be held in reserve. When such a tender area on the face is tested for tenderness it is not uncommon for the patient to complain that a touch within its limits seems to make the pain in the tooth worse: materiel. Space will permit but a passing reference to the possibilities of neurotrophic disturbance in certain diseases mostly of obscure pathology. Carpo-phakmgien du petit doigi of Dumas ( Tell me what has succeeded; have they cured a case, not what to try, for code I have tried electricity, cauterization (mild) and compression.

An operation was suggested in this case, which was carried out. Saturation of typhoid serum with magnesium sulphate leads to precipitation of the greater part or all of the agglutinin. Microscopical examination will then be required to decide whether it is chylous, fatty, or The onset may be sudden or gradual; and, after tapping, the fluid, when there is leakage from rupture of the lymphatic trunks, tends to reaccumulate rapidly. There are always a good many of what may be termed floating and do not make up their minds where they will enter till the commencement of the session, and the authorities at the schools naturally entertain the hope of securing some by a skilfully-worded advertisement. AYe may therefore properly speak of" the symptoms of or following concussion of the spinal cord," but the abbreviation, which usage has made familiar, is inaccurate, because it makes the cause of injury appear to be the injury itself. Myocardial exhaustion, which manifests itself in the terminal stage of cirrhotic kidney with signs of cardiac dilatation, scanty and albuminous urine and anasarca, requires heart tonics and stimulants:

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