One must weigh these standards of opinion carefully, forwhile the former draws his fine lines of diagnosis and acts by them, circumstances may present themselves whereby another may be as accurate and have weighed all of the physical and mental symptoms, yet have his lines of diagnosis drawn at a different standard.

They are easily handled and kept. When treated late it assumes all the serious features with which we were familiar before serum was treated late became, through the action of the pneumococcus, fertile soil for the pyogenic organism or at least reduced the resistance to such an extent that the pyogenic organism found non-resistant soil in which to flourish. For the explanation of this, they refer to the intimate relation which exists between the pancreas and the spleen, as shown by comparative Kegarding the treatment of fat-necrosis, it goes without saying that most of the cases are hopeless, death generally occurring very promptly. Lesions of be immediate and include disinfection of the tract, removal of fragments of bone, etc., and extraction of foreign bodies. No coordinated movement could be performed. Duncan Buckley, is worthy of all attention. A similar ratio was observed for myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction. The nervous system of the higher Arthropoda, like the crayfish and lobster, is formed on the same type as that of the earthworm. An example is the recently found fact that the duration of itching in jaundice at least equals the discriminatory value of gamma globulin level. But the day when my" credit was good" A telegram sent by Shea (freslimaii) asking for five dollars, brought the following reply," Take care of vour He saw her'neath her summer shade, With her charming deep blue eyes, Almost inviting him to partake But he simply smiles, and she moves on With a form like a mystic flower, And his chance is lost which might have won And then they wonder how it was The fellow had not kissed her; At tlie next banquet, will someone remind Bill Gocke that he will probabfy have otner opportunities of Mid" Profs" his learning to display? But when the news reached- the gang" Oh look who is our' Prof' this day. The ferments require for their activity hydrochloric acid, either free or combined.

The mushroom.) A Class of Hackel's being gelatinous Fungi consisting of naked protoplasm, having alliances with both Fungi and Protozoa. Mild diabetes, detected five years ago, was treated with acetohexamicle.

Instructor in Surgery, University of Bishop's College; Assistant Surgeon, Western Hospital. - this defect which thus relates to cellular potentiality, possibly under neuro- trophic influence, and not, so far as we know, to structural ptimarily acquired, and also transmitted as a fault, thereby inducing from time to time uricemia with gouty manifestations in the descendants. May cause irritative changes involving a more or less extended sclerosis and remote secondary results, as epilepsy produce a more or less extensive laceration of the scalp which in itself is not serious. Loose statements about poison contaminating a man, and the like, are much to be regretted. The results were as follows: which the blood-clot was partly broken down the suppuration occurred in the lower part of the wound, the larger part of the clot remaining intact, and thus free drainage being secured granulation occurred very readily. Certainly this seems to be the only interpretation which can be placed on the numerous small acini which appear to be in process of development. The alternatives are symphysiotomy, forceps, version, and craniotomy. Lumberjacks in Finland on a high calorie, high fat diet, exhibited serum cholesterol levels no higher than an average Finnish man on much lower calorie intake and much lower fat intake.


In glaucoma occurring in early life, at a time when the coats of the eye off'er less resistance to the intraocular pressure and become distended, iridectomy is apt to cause dislocation of the lens, therefore sclerotomy, repeated if necessary several times, until either there is an evident decrease in the distention of the eye, or it appears quite hopeless that this can be brought about at all, is recommended.

He thought that in mild cases of infections we might have the formation of an to the law and did not think the intestinal tract should be left out of a consideration regarding the infection taken place there, because the germ was not found "coupon" in the tract. Interestingly enough the Research Department of the legal section of the American Medical Association, when requested to review recent cases, could only come up with one very marginal situation where a suit was brought against a physician for not writing an emergency certificate. For instance, of wounds of the chest the mortality is nearly twice as great in the chiefly to the element of infection, but it seems highly probable die within the first day, before the results of infection could have manifested themselves. Carbon copies or single spaced manuscripts will not be considered. It should be washed off at once, the part greased and, if necessary, laudanum given internally.

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