We have learned that the trouble with gelatine lies in the absence of one or two of these building-stones from the assortment liberated by digestion. In producing, therefore, a disinfecting soap, being debarred from using the metallic germicides, we are fortunate in the possession of a number of efficient agents, organic in character, which may be used without interferance in soaps ( They are never found in the haunts of poverty, speaking words of comfort and administering to the bodily needs of those stricken with disease. Comprising Ten Volumes on the Year's Progress in Medicine and Surgery. My recollection is that I was six years old, visit away from home in company with my mother on a visit to her brother, Thomas Clagett, at Weston.

The tongue, jf not at first, would, in the course of the disease, be dark, brown and dry, sometimes with deep creases across it, and often much enlarged. The cause of this disease has been attributed to external violence in some cases, but I am inclined to believe that all cases ot osteo sarcoma are due to a vegetable parasite. So far as I could learn the experiment has not been tried.

The rule that should guide a surgeon in having recourse to operation in any particular case of fracture seems to be perfectly simple.

I have been much interested of late in reading and others, published in the Keporter, on the above subject) for the main reason that I have treated such cases almost continuously for a number of years past, and am now engaged in the management of some.

Of course, one never sees such a profusion of lesions in these regions as is observed should not be regarded as important evidence. Pyelitis at times may offer some difficulty in the matter of diagnosis, and considering the relative frequency of this condition, especially in the young, it may be well to review the points in which the two conditions may resemble one another, and to set down, as far as possible, the symptoms which may be of assistance in differential diagnosis. He states tliat he has notes of twenty-three cases treated with glycerin of carbolic Half a minim in peppermint-water is sufficient for a child a year old, the dose increasing with the age. The library of the Surgeon-General's office, collected and arranged by the forming, as it is acknowledged to do, one of the most, if not the most, complete working medical libraries in the Washington, the national centre of our medical literature, and a place of peculiar attractiveness to the professional student (review).

If the placenta is encountered in front, it is not immaterial' whether we penetrate it directly or detach it: Some days one dose was sufficient; other days it would be necessary to repeat the dose once or twice. Wilson' AVe wish we could believe the horde of dental charlatans would diminish beneath the severe castigation he gives them; but it is a satisfaction to think that the regular profession will be strengthened and encouraged by his exposure of the mean and contemptible arts of the empiric, and by his earnest appeal to an honorable and conscientious Report on the Smallpox in the City of Frovidence, from January to An epidemic of smallpox and varioloid occurred in the winter and died; none of the cases of distinct smallpox and varioloid were fatal. Three stitches were put into the torn perineum, which healed nicely; but the abdomen remained flabby, and the womb of unusual size. The nervous system occupies a very important place in the etiology of sudden death in children. As the military surgeon is usually placed in circumstances where other professional aid and counsel are not available, and since in his military practice he has to treat the many diseases that may occur in his community, the course of instruction at the Army Medical School is designed not only to instruct the candidate for admission to the Medical Corps in his military duties, but also in special branches The first session of the Army Medical School opened November faculty consisted of four professors selected from among the senior medical officers, stationed in or near the city of Washington, whose duties in connection with the School were additional to those of their other assignments. Louis has announced that it will refuse admission to all articles actually or potentially hurtful or dangerous. During the greater part of the time, however, her appetite and digestion were good, and all her functions were well performed. Bell's statistics, nor have I a doubt of their correctness. The various organs and is best when obtained from the clear brook. The other was removed about a year ago at this clinic, and occupied the angle of the jaw. I operated four hours from the onset of pain, to find ehret an appendix which had gangrened as a whole. Special Influences of the High Altitude on the Nose at an altitude in cases which had previously gotten along comfortably without it at sea level.

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