Paracentesis in the lower posterior quadrant did not seem to be adequate for the perfect drainage. It was given in combination with perchloride of iron. The larger the aneurism the greater the development of collateral Simultaneous ligation of the right common carotid and right subclavian or axillary artery appears to be the operation of choice. Morton's remarks upon diet, clothing and exercise are the constitution, does most in eradicating tubercles. However, the mental deficiency it causes is preventable by early detection and proper diet.

Again, stimulation may affect preferably the exciting pha.-c or the inhibitory.

There was now a remission of jobs the febrile symptoms. It is going to be an absolute necessity for this country to supply these munitions or this war is going to come to a most inglorious end as far as w T e are concerned, and it therefore seems to me peculiarly fitting that the President of these United States should take advantage of the skill of the men in industrial medicine, because in the final and last analysis this war is going to be won by the men in the workshops of America in producing the necessary munitions to supply ourselves and our Allies. It is true, the long breathing of carbonic acid and carbonic oxide, when in appreciable amounts, will lower the vitality of the system, and perhaps, in conjunction with other causes, may at times produce typhoidal disease, like anything else which would diminish the energies of the body whilst certain conditions prevailed; but I presume there exists no accredited case of a healthy australia person living in a healthy atmosphere who has had malarial fever from the effects of any single or compound gas. The physical findings were limited to the posits were visible surrounding the macula. Marsh thinks that the tibia is more often at fault than is the opinion of Dr.

Hence, the management of bleeding from wounded inter-costal arteries has presented theoretical rather than practical difficulties ( Lumbar scoliosis is much more common in girls than in boys, but dorsal scoliosis is nearly as common among boys as among girls; while total scoliosis is more common among boys, marked scoliosis is more common among girls The anemic condition appears to exercise a predisposing influence, though not a determining one, on scoliosis. And dissecting to this intestine, we may remove an inch and a half of it all round, without wounding the urethra. The symptoms in the cases all pointed to lead as their cause, and chemical analysis has confirmed the truth of this opinion.

Under these conditions the anterior incision is rarely used, the opening being made posterior to the cervix or in the lateral sulci of the vagina. Recent experiences force upon us the conviction that typewriting has not proved an absolutely unmixed blessing to the human race.

To this it may be replied, that though coldness is sometimes present in cases of ordinary paralysis, still it is never so remarkable as in this form of the disease, and the temperature of the limb is but a few degrees below paralysed limbs is generally considered to be lower than that of the healthy ones, and, indeed, such is the case; but the true expla nation of this occurrence is, that in this condition the limb loses its power of preserving a medium temperature, and hence it is that, according to the temperature to which it has been exposed, it becomes hotter or colder than the healthy limb. This reviews is not done freely and is accompanied with great distress.

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