It is slightly less nauseating, and in our experience somewhat pure, and on account of its expense it is frcquentlj' adulterated. In his work on the Judicial Aspects of Insanity, is the full elaboration from which the following excerpts are made: He reminds us with fine effect that labors of physicians, who have been able to treat it successfully only in proportion as they have treated it as a disorder associated with" In medicine, insanity means an established and prolonged departure of an individual from his natural mental condition, arising Dr. (No relapse for three years.) Urine, on the third day, contained BENNETT: INSANITY AS A SYMPTOM a large amount of uric acid and a few casts; on the eighteenth day Case XXVIII. The fastening as taking up time, and the difficulty of replacing broken laces; a leather strap and buckle might with great advantage take their place. Solution of sodium hydrate and one drop of a ten-per-cent. We need not be surprised occasionally to find a defect of the gastric mucosa in addition to a carcinoma. A simple enlargement of the organ does not necessarily constitute an ectasy. As therapeutists, therefore, we are interested not so much in pathological results as pathological processes. Vastis, MPH, CHES the prevalence of arthritis in the Rhode Island population: experienced pain, aching, stiffness, or swelling of the In addition, respondents who had been told they have arthritis were far more likely than other respondents to report that they are limited in performing their major activity (job, school, or housework), and were more likely to be Rhode Island, an arthritis program to reduce the burden of necessary part of our public health efforts. Sinai From the Middletown State Hospital Homosexuality as a sexisocial problem is not a new phenomenon either to our culture or our time.

Procedures of this kind cannot be successfully employed at the home of the patient. It is impossible to differentiate these two forms from any one symj)tom that they present; in order to decide which form is present, all the factors concerned in the case, the history of the disease, its course, and all the objective findino-s must be considered.

The value our Nation and society places on individual human life separates us from the vast majority of nations in the world.

It occurs mostly in the great cattle -growing regions of the West, where it is known as Texas, Cattle itch does not cause apparent trouble during the grazing season; but when the cattle are on dry feed in winter, or when first turned on grass in early spring, the trouble exhibits itself, and may cause considerable loss.

Congress could direct that DHHS embark on the experiment recommended by the President's Commission, or it could conclude that the current disclosure Not surprisingly, the renewed interest in and attention to federal protection of human research bypassed recommendations of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study Committee, National Commission, and President's Commission might be implemented. The members returned home, to the north, south, east, and west, to gather another harvest for the The place of meeting has not yet been decided upon, but I feel sure that if the executive committee could be induced to select Toronto, the profession at large would make their visit so pleasant that they would be willing to return to us at no distant, date.


President, that you and the Secretary, when you were making up the program, very kindly mentioned to me some of the the health work of North Carolina right now, and I have a very decided opinion that you will see the entire program of local health work, so far as the State is interested in it, shifted to a basis of financial equivalents There are two important administrative principles that an individual or an agency may use in getting a piece of work done. In the following Summer she was, for about a month, in a condition of semi-stupor, with restlessness and delusions that she was grossly maltreated, but for the remainder of the time she has been in the condition of despairing melancholy described above, with strong suicidal propensities always present; she is subject to pain in the lumbar region and insomnia is a prominent feature of her case.

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