Since the possible causative bacilli were many and varied, he attempted to find strains or combinations of these which might be taken seriously.

Another curious and valuable fact, although of less practical importance than the preceding, is this, viz.

We also were pleased to have Sue can hardly take credit for his success, we are proud that Tim Brown, M.D., ISMA treasurer, has and will be running for election to the Indiana House of Representatives in November.

My friend informed me of his treatment, with which I could find no fault, as it was on the general plan.

Mackenzie's knowledge of comparative anatomy gives him an insight into many intricate problems, and some of his deductions are of extreme interest.

Such ideas, clearly held, will set us free, and encourage us to contmue, as we now do, to drain abdominal cavities, abscesses, irremovable cysts, distended gall bladders, pelvic abscesses, and, per"?ps. Softening of the stomach occurs more frequently, having been noticed which, beginning with morbid development of the mucous follicles, or crypts, independent of evident inflammation, occasions, first, hypersecretions from these organs, and after a time runs into inflammation, and its results, ulceration, thickening and softening." There can be little doubt but simple congestion of the mucous membrane of the stomach and bowels, and its consequences, constitute, in many cases, all the morbid appearances to be found in the alimentary canal. Some of those members who supported the reintroduction of the clause were labouring vmder grievous errore as to matters oE fact; for example, those whoso advocacy of the clause was bolstered up by the statements that no objection had ever before been lu-ged to the clause, and that the Commissioners in Lunacy were entirely opposed to the Bill. They pressed their thumbs together, and looked steadfastly at each other in the face, the operator at the same time gently moving his fingers over the palms of the patient's hand. AN ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER IN HARMONY Double Efficiency. Like every good gift, imagination may be prostituted and abused; and, in the historj- of art, literature, and the drama, abundant proof may be found that it has been made to pander to vice and folly. The diseases in this section have principally been remittent and typhoid fevers and dysentery.

The ash is to be lixiviated with four or six times its weight pyrites and the rust of iron enter."' coral, lapis lazuli, iron, copper, the bone of the metals are to be used as such or as killed by being roasted with sulphur.

At the autopsy the sac was found to be filled with a dark clot and coiled wire, a doubled loop of which had entered the aorta and passed well up.

Leake also shows, from the bills of mortality, that the epidemic disease prevailed throughout the city epidemically, at the same time, but from all accounts I can collect, it showed itself earlier among patients in the city, than among those in the Lying-in-Hospital.""Sydenham," as quoted by Dr. It must not, however, be expected that all these symptoms should show themselves in every case in which the remedy has been pushed beyond its utmost limits as a medicine; far from it: in some instances the first symptom that we notice indicative of the medicine having begun to disagree, and of its employment having reached those bounds beyond which it cannot with safety be carried, is a degree of thiist, and a feeling of oppression about the epigastrium; in others, pricking sensations about the eyelids and flashes of light before the eyes; in others, again, and this very dreams: and usually antecedent to, or, at all events, coincident with any one of these symptoms, will be found an acceleration in the pulse. Haynes affirms that the surgical procedures for the relief of perforating gastric ulcer constitute the only treatment which is life saving. Ernest Hart) were of the utmost value to them as members of the Association; it was a work which was more highly appreciated by them than any other, and it could not be better The resolution was unanimously adopted; and it was resolved,"That the above resolution be communicated to the Council, who be requested to report it to the general meeting at Leeds." Dr. Green, to trephine the cranium, and remove it. Avoid dirty, dark, damp, poorly ventilated pens in which scouring calves have been.

Of thi leaths in hospital recorded during the ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND. Why wait for an adenoid growth to atrophy and so waste time, and subject the poor little patients to the grave results which are sure to follow, when removal of the growth is so quickly and easily done with little or no danger and with immediate results? If adenoids are left they very rarely atrophy and then only partially after puberty. I therefore determined to raise the heart from its bed, dissect out all its vessels, and ascertain their positions before cutting them. - hubbell, of Buffalo; Relations Between the Medical Chicago; How Much Attention Shall We Give to the Middle Turbinate Body in Diseases of the Accessory Sinuses, by Dr. Has got large earthen vessels with wide mouths which can be placed over a fire. Chapin's statement that" the best general diluent for cow's milk is a cereal gruel in which the starch has been dextrinized or rendered soluble by the action of diastase" is well borne out clinically. The various methods of examination are described clearly and concisely, and no omission of any important method of testing has been noted by the reviewer.

Returned, he commenced operations on the tooth, which gave her much pain.

To inquire into the circumstances attending his death, but as no suspicion was created in their minds, they recorded a verdict of" Died by visitation of God." So suspicious, however, was one member of his family, that his death had not been a natural one, that an examination of the body was after wards required; and Mr.

Quackery and Eever and Ague; how to live in Unhealthy Situations; how to Prevent, and how Death and Burial of Old Mr. He shows that this tissue is composed of cartilaginous corpuscles and of fibres; the latter preponderatinginadult life, the former in infancy; and that during life the corpuscles are gradually converted into fibres. The eyes injected; pupils contracted; pulse small, quick, and corded. Longo regards this method of intestinal exclusion as superior to all other palliative operations on the Gabritchevski, in this preliminary communication, reports that he has prepared a vaccine from streptococci freshly discharged from the blood of the heart of persons that had died of scarlet fever, without passing these bacteria through the organisms of other animals. Great, undoubtedly great, is the benefit of those more intellectual excursions so often undertaken by English gentlemen.

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