The other and more important advance which I desire to propose is the establishment of a volume of Transactions of the Academy. The soluble lime salts alone are of much importance in the coagulation of the caseinogen (gravid). The Piroplasvia and the characteristic lesions were present. Next proceeds to state the grounds upon which he considers himself justified in believing, that a something, which has been called nervous influence, is constantly emanating from the brain. If so, it could not injure the most dangerous kinds of material, which are of a brown colour.

One of the patients had died from syncope on tne eighth day, another from haemorrhage on the twelfth day, and a third soon after the operation, the cause of death not being r aneurism in this position, and death had occurred in every instance. On gathering grounds there should be no habitation or g-round cultivation, and grazing- of animals should not be permitted. For instance, a child is run over by a heavy wagon, as reported by a competent witness; there are extensive marks on the body; there is abundant and early and perhaps immediate hematuria; there fisk is marked shock. It has been conclusively proved that" Climatic Fever," Malaria, Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever, African Fever, Endemial Remittent Fever, Bilious Remittent Fever, are invariably present in one form or other in Tropical in the Tropics must sooner or later get fever. From the above scattered notices it can be seen how clinicians began gradually to seek a cause for these serious, and at times fatal, suppurations of joints, other than the hitherto accepted but vague term of pyaemia, or, as formerly, even the term of rheumatic joint.

To a young fellow with a sweet voice, a handsome face, and plenty of letters of introduction to families living en route, the journey must With his arrival in Norwich, Conn., his journey ended. On examination after death, an ill-conditioned ulcer of the bladder, (in the centre of which was found a small calculus,) was discovered.

He also is a member of the Society for Epidemiologic Research and the Society for Pediatric Research.

The government seeing this, thought proper about eighteen years ago to establish a Regius Professorship of Military Surgery in the LJniversity of Edinburgh; and we uiay safely say that no chair in that celebrated King's service, for they embrace subjects which never before formed part of a course on surgerv in this countrv. These phenomena have generally natives of India think by lunar changes. After a week's interval a relapse took place, with a recurrence of the rash, lasting upwards of a fortnight. A method that used to be, and perhaps is still practised in will have less effect without it; with it, it is most efficacious in diminishing the intensity and in many cases preventing the return of fever. Severe and sometimes prolonged hypotension is common in the early postoperative period, for two reasons.

In fact during the last few years the biological sciences have been brought into immediate use by the pathologist. When pregnancy gravida supervened the patient did well in the early months, but gradually began to suffer from nausea, exhaustion, and headache. It may be distinguished from hypostatic congestion (with which, however, it is sometimes associated) by the fact that the dulness is unilateral, and by the presence of tubular breathing and rusty sputa. This paper is written to call attention to the fact that rupture of the kidney in barn children is probably commoner than generally estimated.

Whether this is to be explained by the greater abundance of cellular tissue in women, or by the fact that many women obtain syphilis in a manner wholly peculiar probably both influences have their share in the result. Unfortunately, low urinary concentrations with renal impairment prevent its use for urinary tract infections. The base of the ulcer kaloritabell is usually formed by the subnuicosa, and is covered by a layer of necrotic material rich in red blood cells. Small cyf:ts lined by simple or ciliated epithelium are to be regarded as congenital retention cysts resulting from adenomatous proliferation in the bile ducts: Any other work on the same subject (matvanekollen).

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