Among the names canvassed is that of Sir Richard Quain, between whom and Sir Andrew Clark the choice of the College lay on the last occasion, but he will probably not be willing to leave the eminent post of public usefulness which he at present occupies as President of the General Medical Council, unless in response to the practically unanimous desire of the Fellows expressed in some unmistakable manner. To sum up: this hyperassthesia is due to the two orders of physiological causes, the direct influence of the nervous centres on the muscles, and the reaction of the disordered stomach on the same muscles.

We also need to consider incentives and mechanisms to increase the use of information about the best uses of medical interventions. Gatewood, passed assistant surgeon, ordered to the INTERNATIONAL PERIODICAL CONGRESS OF GYNECOLOGY AND OBSTETRICS. Assuming it as a fact that the disease was often a reflex manifestation of a local trouble, it followed that in those diseases in wliicli deposits were found as a result of systemic affection, resort should be had to recognized remedies, and the chances for effecting a cure were equal with those of surgical cases where operative interference was resorted to. I had the pleasure of seeing one of the operations, Dr. Thus, they are at times inflexible in their seniority policy simply because they feel that one and two and three exceptions to it would imdermine the foundation of the Question: What is the effect of the compensation law on employment, specifically as regards the hiring of individuals with preexisting conditions? How does the aggravation clause in the compensation law State has a second-injury law, which I trust you are all aware of and which apphes to medical conditions as well as to traumatic ones. The term typhoid cannot be properly applied to any form of simple inflammation. The faintest suggestion to many women that there may be something the matter with her reproductive organs so fixes itself in her mind that she does not rest until some operation has been performed. Committees to Study Operation of Assistance Introduced by Medicai. Noxious reflux appears to be related to three things: infection, poor drainage of residual urine, and some neurogenic bladder disturbance.

The most eminent men in each department of learning have given their best work to its preparation. Don't enter the etherizing room and without preliminaries of any kind start the anesthetic:

The Mayor of Barfleur (France) has forbidden the A Journal of Medicine, Surgery, and Allied Sciences, published at Boston, weekly, by the undersigned. Pain times dark-greenish and at others yel-, in the right hypochondrium increased; lowish, feculent and thin, with abundant dulness rising higher posteriorly; hemucus and some blood, with shreds of patic dulness in mammillary line in creased; rounded margin of liver felt below costal border; diminished respiratory movement; diminished vocal fremitus; diminished percussion resonance; and absence of respiratory murmur at the base of the right lung pointed to pleuritic effusion. The sphincter vagina; is its analogue in the female.

Waugh, that there is a weak spot in all exclusive systems. The motion persists during sleep, I think.

It is hopeless to attempt to induce honest authority even to consider any plan other than its own when it believes its own plan to be not only correct but the only possible correct plan. Kinnicutt points out that it increases the amount of urine uotwithstandinor it diminishes general blood BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. A physician in the service of the United Hebrew Charities, was called to had been cases of typhoid fever on the Massilia, he madfe a diagnosis of that disease. The application is repealed for several days in succession. Bottled at the Springs, Buda Pest, Hungary. Organic chemistry, however, is unfortunately not in an advanced state, especially as regards the constituent principles of the animal organization; and chemical analysis must therefore be, in a great measure, left aside when the properties of the blood are the subject of investigation; in other terms, a pliysiological analysis is in this respect far preferable.

Her monthly periods have generally been attended with a good deal of suffering, and at times it amounted to complete agony. - in these places numerous showing the variou.s stages of spermatogenesis. He had got some comfort from the latter.

For the horrible black despondency attendant on nervous prostration, it is a magical remedy.

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