He was mentioned in a number of dispatches and held the Turkish medal with three clasps. Bastille, too, who has been pursuing the same experiments, states as his conclusions combined, suffices; but in some descriptions of fever, as in the pernicious ones of Italy, larger been dipped in concentrated alcohol.

For the second inoculation the dose would therefore than the first dose. During the taking of the electric baths the patient was given mixed treatment only for one week in March and then not again until July.

Judicious means of controlling or regulating fever eluding"Croup." d, Typhoid Fever, including"Typhus' or the other the precedence.

Immunity in the case of this chicken sarcoma does not then depend primarily on the absence from the host tissues of a supporting reaction and vascularization for the graft.

In cases where apparent exceptions have occurred, either the mucous tubercles have become transformed into real chancres by fresh contact with matter from a primary ulceration, or else real primary sores have been On the other hand, M.

But these individual efforts will not have their influence and effectiveness without the results of collection or the tabulated data are prepared for the press and receive publication. The chief diseases log were sore throat, rheumatism, and locked-jaw. But back or this lies the work of Adler, who for the first time expressed the true picture of compensation in his"Organic Inferiorities," in which an organic inferiority pushes its rate of functioning above normal in a compensatory effort. This was especially to be regretted as the exact degree of improvement could not be ascertained.

Buboes also are beneficially acted upon by this treatment. The disease developed itself first on the mucous membrane of the cheek; at a very early period, indeed, the lower jaw had become denuded and carious, and there was a shocking fetor There was not at any period much external swelling; the little boy gradually sunk; the ulceration in the cavity of the mouth extended down-' wards towards the pharynx; his breathing became more and more obstructed, and in this condition he died It was an interesting fact connected with this case that, on dissection, there appeared not only the disease in the mouth but also a great number of points of sphacelus in the lungs, the pulmonary structure being replaced by collections of putrid sanies intermixed with the debris of the lung. He drove one day about ten miles on an outside car, with his right side forwards.

Lastly, beneath the elastic coat is the cellular coat, analogous to the" tunica adventitial of the vessels; it is the conductor of the vessels, and may easily be separated ae an independent membrane. Die Infusion mit Ringer beschleunigt niimlich die Elimination des Curare sowohl als die des Strychnins, wodurch dann die spontane Atmung sich wieder einstellt, wahrend Curare wird rascher eliminiert als das Strychnin. It frequently produces spores in the pus, but if the pus is examined early it may often be seen as a small rod the pus of tetanic patients or animals, and inoculations from these cultures will produce tetanic symptoms in made clear by the fact that the investigations were made at different stages of the disease. This can only be "in" done by adding tlie whole mortality,?ar by year, to that of the Army. The ti'eatment of fractui-es would also be simplified. This procedure would impose its additional burden on each generation, but without any marked cumulative effect on succeeding generations, if it were a fact that all types or classes of human beings were equally fertile, if each group according to its fitness produced an equal number of offspring with every other group; but this does not seem to be the case, because it appears that the fitter stocks are less productive at present, that the less fit or unfit stocks are more fertile, and when we add to this the per cent, of the members of the next generation, we lan realize that we are facing a theoretical degeneration rather than an evolution." The Doctor has two suggestions which he concedes are difficult to put into practice; first, to eliminate the unfit by segregation; and, second, to stimulate the procreation of the fit. Like in chronic founder, the toe of the shoe could be plainly seen continued the animal became so lame that it seemed to be falling. Before long some Congressman will introduce a bill requiring every food animal which is born to have a metal tag placed in its ear, every state having an indicative serial number or letter, and every county in each state a sub-serial number, and this recorded either by the county or a sub-department created in the United States Department of Agriculture. Peters, superintendent for twentyfive years of the Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, was the guest of honor at a complimentary dinner and reception at the Turk's Head Club on October The following physicians have been appointed on the medical board of the New Haven Hospital: Consulting Physiciayis and Surgeons, Drs. It came on in the fourth week in one case, the seventh in two cases, the ninth in one and the fifth in one.

He recalled a case in which there was continued equino-varas, although three or tour tenotomies, ami five or six osteotomies had been performed.

This is always an extension from an affected head. - of two cutting blades which move upon an axis, and are variously shaped to suit the purposes for which they are designed. The treatment that I have adopted, wherever possible, is the use of iodoform, and with very good results. Peter Malcolm, of New Hampton, another member of the Commitlee on Diseases and Treatment, submitted the following:"In the horse we have been troubled with cerebro-spinal meningitis, strangles, and purpura hsemorrhagica. To the above there has more recently been added Czerny's hypothesis of a congenital defect in body chemistry. Should the vomited material contain bile aud the stools have a lumpy, clay-like appearance or be streaked with bile, the addition of a small quantity of calomel or of mercury and chalk will bring about a quicker relief. Langmaid, in conclusion, said that his paper was necessarily incomplete and that he had not touched upon the effects of nasal stenosis through fear of making his paper too long.

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