She then took a grain of opium, and five grains of rhubarb, every night, for many weeks: with fome flight chalybeate and bitter medicines, and has fuffered no relapfe. By Harvey Phy sic ian-in- Chief to the Tuberculosis Department Physician for Cutaneous and Contagious Physicians to the Tuberculosis Department Assistant Attending Physician for Contagious Assistant Attending Physician to the Tuberculosis Department The Brandow Printing Company, Albany, N. Certain structural affections of the intestine are important as causing mechanical obstruction to the passage of the intestinal contents. The defence on the trial was, that the symptoms and death of the deceased were due to this scirrhous ulcer, and not to poisoning. The chief argument for this hyjiothesis, is that similar nucleated red corpuscles precede in the embryo the appearance of the non-nucleated corpuscles, such as exist in ence to the anatomical parts affected, as in consequence of certain common cliaracteristics. They may be single or in groups of two or three, and in several cases seen in Paris they resembled very much eroded syphilitic gummata. One word in reference to the terms used ibr distinguishing the varieties of tlie disease.


They may be arranged into dietetical, medicinal, and mechanical. We can now understand obvious venereal symptoms, and which, without being exposed to any infection subsequent to its birth, shows this disease when a few weeks old, this child will infect the most healthy nurse, whether she suckle it, or merely handle and dress it; and yet this child is never known to infect its own mother, even though she suckle it while it has venereal ulcers of the lips and tongue." So, too, a child showing no taint, but bom of a woman suffering with syphilis, may with impunity be suckled by its mother (Frofeta's law). There were two sets of hypogastric arteries." One of the fetuses, I may remark, is somewhat smaller than its fellow; and, judging from their bulk and general development, I should not suppose they were more than eight months children. Foot from your eye, and look fleadily on the centre of the flame, perceived, which will ceafe and return alternately. The patients presented lassitude, depression, headache, are not very uncommon.

Different stages of the process can usually be found in the same liver.

We shall keep these patients in cool, well-ventilated rooms, and pay adequate attention to the diet so as not to increase their burdens through the addition of an intestinal toxemia. Such a clinical association, nocturnal incontinence and diurnal frequency, without any pathological changes in the urine, must be considered as suggestive of stricture, and instrumental exploration of the canal should then always be resorted to. Enamel hypoplasia has been seen in a few children. The condition of the heart possessed very considerable interest in this respect, that there was no murmur audible, notwithstanding the existence of mitral contraction in a high degree. In this he remains from one-half to an hour, and it is well to have a window open while he is in the pack. The beginnings of thefe capillary veflels have frequent anaftomofis into each other, in which circumltance they are refernbled by the lafteals: and like the mouths or beginnings of other glands, they are a fet of abforbent veflels, which drink up the blood which is brought to them by the arteries, as the chyle is drunk up by the lacleals: for the circulation of the blood through the capillaries is proved to be independent of arterial impulfe; fince in the blufh of fhame, and in partial inflammations, their alion is increafed, without any increafe of the motion of the heart, fome particles of blood, during the ftruggles of the animal; but retrograde motion of the blood, in the veins of thofe animals, from the very heart to the extremity of the limbs, is obfervable, by intervals, during the diftrefies of the dying creature. To explain this efFeft it has been faid, that as the veflels of the fkin and extremities become firfl torpid by the want of the flimulus of heat, and as thence iefs blood is circulated through them, as appears from their palenefs, a greater quantity of blood poured upon the brain produces fleep by its compreffion of that organ. Therefore philosophers always live in controversial questions and in lofty regions, the upper boundaries of science: This theory has gained in plausibility by the demonstration by Cushing and myself in two cases of typhoidal cholecystitis of large clumps of typhoid bacilli, such as one sees in carrying out the serum test. Death finally occurs with CODUU These symptoms have been attributed to unemia and acidosis. Clinical Facilities: The hospital services are directly - under control of the Medical College. ITie jaw-muscles, however, are never involved early, if at all, and between the parosysms in strychnia-poisoning there is no rigidity. But upon no single one of these points can much positive value be placed in a ditferential diagnosis.

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