If there is indication of its approach after a fever, give China; if after excessive fatigue, give Lycopodium or Stannwn. Inflammation of the Oroin, Inguinal Glands. Such of you as would wish to read the histories of anomalous epidemics of smallpox by Sydenham, the'Commentaries' of Van Swieten, and the Institutes of Borsieri, will be soon convinced that long before the discovery of vaccination persons had been observed to be affected mth a form of small-pox presenting all the characteristics of the modified smaU-pox of the present day. The trophic lesions, if present, arises from the brachial plexus and passes down the inner side of the upper arm in close proximity to the brachial artery. It also occurs when the respiratory movements are arrested by an affection of the medulla oblongata, involving the suspension of the reflux influence by which these movements are sustained. Bony and Cartilaginous Productions in the Heart.

The o-reat majority of our experiments have been carried out with the The present investigation concerns itself solely with the study of the gross bv the direct application of the liquid.

The same difficulty, owing to the complexity of factors on the physiological side, was to be found in attempting to contrive a general test for eye fatigue such as could be applied to demonstrate the effect of different systems of illumination: Generally, I repeat, the mucous membrane is healthy, or it presents no other change than an increased vascularity. It is not necessary even to confine his bowels, as we do in most cases of operations upon hemorrhoids, by some form of opium. Maudsley found her in a state of acate excitement, with dishevelled hair and wildly staring eyes, restlessly staring from place to place, particularly if any one attempted to touch her, talking all the while rapidly and incoherently, and evidently not knowing those who were about her. It does not matter though no" fits" occur in adult years; the epilepsy is still there, it is only" veiled." Following out Dr. Fluctuation is not a sign of pericardial effusion. Eupatorin, dose, one to three grains. When suppurating, the pain in them is intense and pulsating just before the crisis. In each case the living cell is the active agent.

If you attentively look at its distribution on the chest in relation to the direction of the ribs, you will be convinced that it does not follow the course of the intercostal nerves. It is worse in summer, and is relieved by the application of cold. As regards the two stages, namely, before and after excavation, it is to be borne in mind that frequently, if not generally, both are represented at the same time in different portions of tlie lungs. Coli, and decreased resistance of the tissues or some stimulus applied to the organism causes it to become pathogenic, in which case the majority of the Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force are potential cases of liver abscess.

The effusion upon the heart, the effects of which are greater upon the thinwalled auricles than upon the ventricles, and to the implication of the myocardium directly in relation with the inflamed epicardium.

For the most part the professional men are too proud to come to the public soup-kitchens, and after four years of terrible privation any little savings which thev mav have had are by now exhausted. Among the cautious commentators on this modern disregard of systolic murmurs in the young are those who liold that tliis optimism is not justified.

It was, however, considered desirable to fix a minimum noted tliat the fat ration may be made up from fats partly of vegetable origin and partly of animal origin, and the Commission expresses tlie opinion that if tlie amount of fat of vegetable origin was found to be insufficient it might be necessary to maintain a certain stock of animals to make good the deficit. In simple and mild cases the attacks generally disappear as the child's strength improves; but if it is improperly treated, the drowsy state increases, and a sort of thrush appears, ac companied by feverishness, sour vomiting, watery stools, gripes, which may terminate in regular convulsions. The issue is not, however, always fatal. The remedies as indicated may be given in the usual dose, three or four times a day. Primary Sidcmnncijaly; ISitleniv Aiminio; Lianli's Disease. So, when the thousand streams of blood rush through their channels upon an inllamed skin on fire with some inflammatory substance; the blood rushes to the new point of excitement, and the oppressed and fainting organ Cupping and leeching, which are often necessiiry, are n to be resorted to in very debilitated constitutions. This is to be prevented by treating the infected namely, by washing the whole of the infected area with drainage.

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