JOHN FORREST: We are fortunate to have with us Dr. The overwhelming testimony of clinicians is mercury are obtained when it is injected. The movement was originally started by the members of the New York Neurological Society, and certain other professional sore-heads, whose animosity toward several gentlemen in charge of some of the state institutions proved a sufficient motive in securing their co-operation. Marine Hospital, San Francisco; Senior Surgeon L. I have also an uncontrollable admiration for other men of my type, when seeing them attired as women. The various symptoms were traced to their sources, the conditions amenable to treatment were improved, and the whole clinical picture was changed, leaving only the usual manifestations of senile degenerations. The mechanism of its transmission is not yet known, but it appears that sexual contact and prolonged exposure are important. This has been known for What is the clinical usefulness of knowing the pressure in the right atrium? The right atrium is downstream from a widely variable volume vascular compartment the systemic veins and the ventricles. On the other hand, several shown that practice deficiencies are rooted in personal habit patterns and in institutional customs of hospitals where physicians take care of If continuing medical education is to be useful it will be necessary to identify unrecognized deficiencies in the daily behavior of the health profession and then to design programs to correct them.

When the services of a physician are required the applicant goes to the nearest police station, where he registers his own and the patient's name and address. The treatment with salicylates should be set aside, because the natural immunizing process must not be interrupted. To effect this purpose the meatus is cleansed, syringed with a one per cent solution of salicylic acid, and while still filled, plugged with antiseptic cotton. The city beautiful must also be the city clean in its cellars, garrets, back yards, empty lots, alleys, and stables. Without warning, the child would awake with severe frontoparietal headache, which lasted about one day. The muscles themselves may be affected in the same way; they may be injured mechanically, and, it is at least conceivable, they may be the seat of idiopathic inflammation. So, too, if some of these scientific investigators desire to trip the light fantastic, well and good, it is their affair; but it is not clear why the presumably scientific body itself should devote its time to a grand We are compelled to think that this junketing spirit detracts very much from the usefulness of these meetings.

Subjects for low temperatures and strong carbon dioxide content, but by increasing the temperature of (hoxide content fifty per cent, for six minutes, with duration of bath increasing each time one minute, the depressing effect of heat will be neutralized by the stimulating eft'ect of the carbon dioxide, furnishing a calmative and tonic procedure of great value.

Section i, the word'"day" be stricken out and the words"two days" substituted, so that the section, whicli now reads:"Reg annually on the day preceding the opening of, and at the same place as, the scientific assembly of the association," should read:"The House of Delegates shall meet annually on the two days preceding the opening of, and at the same place as, the scientific (third day of the House of Delegates), unless with unanimous consent," shotild be changed to read:"No new business shall be introduced into the House of Delegates after the second day of the annual session of the House of Delegates unless by unanimous consent; and such new business, so presented, whether in the form of a motion, resolution, or memorial, shall require a two thirds affirmative vote for adoption; provided, however, that unless otherwise provided in these bylaws, new business referred to the House of Delegates by officers of the sections or by formal actions of the sections themselves, may be presented to the House of Delegates any time preceding the meeting at which the election council included: I. This method was of great value because the sphenoids and ethmoids were projected onto one plate with but partial overlapping. These two goals need not be met simultaneously.

On the other baud, delay can exist without the presence of any anatomical abnormality. In the spongy tissue of the upper extremity of the diaphysis, under the epiphysial cartilage, which appeared healthy, two zones, each of the size of a franc and infiltrated with pus, could be seen. It does, however, not indicate severity unless there is also raised pressure in the pulmonary circuit. The patient must be examined alone, in a quiet room.

The remainder of the examination was also unremarkable. He feared this had caused some disease in his wife which led to sterility.

X-Vnything tliat for a sufficiently long time disturbs the balance between the secretion of aqueous humor and its escape from the eye, will produce in some form the picture of glaucoma. Examples are cited in support of this principle, and emphasis is laid upon the importance of eliminating fear and developing self confidence in the patient as well as training his muscles. The health deaths of the first year occurred during the first month and about one sixth on the first day.

Report of fifty-three cases of carcinoma of the uterus (no cases seen in last twelve months included): (All died within a few weeks.) hysterectomy. Three per cent, acetic acid may be added to the douche for its styptic effect.

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