Stained of the nodule consists chiefly of nerve bundles, similar to those already in a definite capsule. In each case they had been known to be growing four to six years. Jones attributed the failure to the use of catgut instead of silk sutures. Tlic duration of this disease is ahout four weeks; and yet I have seen a woman who had symptoms of typhoid frver for I'JO (hiys. Suppose a piece of skin, of such extent, were raised from any part of the body, and allowed to remain, without being connected with any other raw surface, how long, I ask, would that part of its culation in the part, live? I am convinced very litde, if any blood, would issue from it, except what might be in the vessels at the time of their being divided.

Her voice had previously been excellent and perfectly normal. The sac aperture was partly closed and sutured to the parietal peritoneum at the edge of the abdominal wound, and the sac drained with gauze. Believing thus, and desiring to do some slight share of the work in the section of Opthalmology, Otology and Laryngology, I broach this subject to-day, with the hope that my flail may find some straw left unbeaten by former threshers. Hence, he was not responsible for the omissions. The most frequent and important complication produced by this streptococcus in diphtheria is broncho -pneumonia, which develops as an aspiration pneumonia, as has been shown by the investigations of Prudden and Northrup. But in the medullary disease it seldom happens that the health is not affected, whereas in the hydatid breast it is undisturbed; the figure of the medullary tumour is less uniform, being marked by dark tuberous elevations and immovably fixed to the side by the prolongations of the diseased growth in one or more parts of its circumference; whereas the hydatid tumour, notwithstanding its oftentimes enormous bulk, is globular and remains perfectly detached and pendulous. A probe passed through the fistuls, penetrated the rectum just above the lowest part of the constriction and could be felt with the finger.

The stricture may be so tight that nothing passes through it during the initial examination, Hertz: Functional Honr-glass Stomach and even an hour later nothing but the upper segment of the stomach may be visible. Therefore, that owe this to Dr.

Tins"pregnancy reaction" might even go on after the child was born. It dissolves without residue in boiling alcohol, is almost insoluble in cold ether, more soluble in boiling ether. Oil appears for a time to have had the effect of calming the spasmodic action which generally followed drawing off the urine. The cavity in the neck was dressed with picked lint saturated witli carbolized oil. Gask and thick, ropy pus was found in the subacromial bursa. There was some tenderness about the joint, but no swelling.

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