If wells he has any doubt as to their sterility he may again sterilize them immediately before operation. We do not know who the man is; we know nothing of his history, we creatinine do not know whether he ever had any of these We will now run over the conditions in which he might possibly be, and study what we could do for him. It is regrettable that pressure of the antiabortion movement perc has probably diminished the positive aspects of this service while imposing an additional burden of guilt on families wishing to avail themselves of it. Of course, it should not be necessary to say that a treatment of this kind requires consid erable caution and it is usually prolonged for safety as "" qo risk should be run of scarring the face where it can be it would yield to the K-ray.

One of our fund-raising projects, our annual rummage sale, netted an increase over past years: - if one company spends a million dollars to produce a new drug, and another concern is allowed to copy the formula, pay none of the research cost, and market the product at a low price, the results would be disastrous. This only applies to cases in which the vice is concealed or unsuspected.

He was unfortunate in the result; but we believe the operation must in time meet with success, having seen cases, after death, where the conditions were such as to have made ligation practicable. (b) As one moves the test object, which for cotivenience sake is often a lighted candle, farther and farther in the direction in which double vision exists (say, downwards), the call upon the enfeebled muscle increasing, and its inability to meet the demand becoming more obvious, the separation of the two images, the false and the true, becomes ever wider and wider; it is ( easy to decide which image belongs to which eye by means of a coloured glass held before one eye, or by suddenly interposing a screen before one eye, and causing the patient to say which image is coloured or which has disappeared; but that is not enough, we require to know which is the false that the image which is farthest in the direction in which double vision exists is the false image.

And no doubt amputation of the head would be a perfect cure for neuralgia of the PREVENTION OF THE DISEASES GENERALLY by proper diet and regimen; many surgical diseases and many formations for which sm-gery may chads alone be demanded for their cure after they have occurred, may be prevented by the same means.

Bloodvessels usually full of blood, here and there calcium aneurismaUy the perivascular space. But the case is quite different under the conditions which are present in empyema. When fresh blood-corpuscles are required to make up for the loss of blood by accident or disease, the blood-pressure, increased by certain intluences towards the medullary cavity, necessitates the exit of an extra supply from that cavity as fast as its entrance therein, since the blood is passing through unyielding structures (corrected). When this country distinction during the war period, and indeed up until clearance the time he was forced to retire in Although Dr. In this position the fragments cannot heart separate from each other, and the formation ot callus goes on favourably. Young, M.D Northwestern District Deward G: score. Hyperpyrexia is nearly always due to some local affection and treatment must be directed to meld the local condition, the temperature in the meanwhile being lowered by sponging, quinin, etc. But it probably could be measured in job efficiency and perhaps, absences from work: fena. The illustrations are from pen-and-ink drawings by the author himself and are well executed. - this volume is divided into two parts, each of which is profusely illustrated.

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