Out of twenty cases so treated not one failed to be cured in less than eight days; while some were cured in three days. In contradistinction to the above named organisms the author shows that the proteus group does not cause putrefaction of fibrin. Of course the careful use of the snare would prevent personal instance proves, even a specialist at times uses a speedier method and a simpler. Butlin states that continued observation has led him to believe that its importance as a precancerous condition has been underestimated rather than exaggerated. It must be the experience of many that after patient work extending sometimes over months or years, there is a goodly number of cases that do not pass a certain point of improvement. He con siders that the poison which gives rise to these diseases is a toxin which is sometimes ergot-like in its action, but that it is varied in its nature, one peculiarity being apparent, however, in that it is incapable of being eliminated by the kidneys and by the skin until its constitution is altered in such a way as to render it capable of stimulating these organs to eliminate them. The anterior edge of the area was in the scapular line.

Nichols states that in this affection his main reliance is nux vomica in small tonic doses. The advisability of using the rubber bandage in have used it time and again in my clinic with nothing but good results. It disturbs rest and nutrition and finally makes it During the winter months they may be sent to places of about this altitude in New Mexico. An excessive use of the soda may cause diarrhea, symptoms of heart failure, and bloody urine, but the experience of Naunyn, no less than that of the writer, shows that it may clear up an attack of coma, either temporarily, or in some instances, permanently.

But fresh air has not yet triumphed over old and musty prejudices, nor are its virtues, as a curative agent, everywhere acknowledged; and we are glad to see a powerful writer in Germany enter the lists in its favor, in the person of Stromeyer, the celebrated surgeon and chief physician of the Hanoverian army, who has lately published a work on the beneficial The same class of remedies we have spoken of in connection with rheumatism, are highly recommended by the author in the treatment" They have generally been regarded as simple diaphoretics and diuretics, but they also tend to obviate that liability to capillary obstruction which is action upon the extreme circulation that their effect upon the secretions is They are recommended on the principle that"the morbific agent in fever acts mainly upon the blood, and destroys its natural affinity for the tissues with which it is brought in contact in the course of the extreme circulation." Those who have read Dr. He will undertake the trip because of the difficulty and expense of bringing the The bulletin of Chicago's Health Department for the week the country, Chicago has come out remarkably well through the during the first three months of the year represent an annual An exchange says that Metchnikoff inoculated a chimpanzee with virus from a baboon. It sometimes has an emetic effect, best obviated by combining with it some one of 2017 the tinctures of opium. A very large proportion of epileptics suffer from some type of reflex, viz., ocular, abdominal, genital, or other local sources of nervous irritation. We have now a patient suffering grievously with secondary syphilis, which was developed after he had been"cured" of chancre, by an apothecary who is notorious for his quackery. It is always well in such cases to examine both ears. There has always existed a very natural feeling of objection to the use of second-hand clothing, which, for the needy, however, the stress of poverty has always overcome. In one of them there was a second fit, but no more, which was unusual. Accordingly I made a contrivance on every trial since, as satisfactory as could be desired: Immediate and prompt treatment saves much suffering and adds much to the surgeon's reputation, and to that of the operation. Adjunct Professor of Clinical Anatomy in Cell Biology and Anatomy. There was a purulent discharge coming from the uterus, which was increased by uterine manipulation. - his incessant activity, his ambition, his self-respect, were all opposed to such a course. Assistant Professor of Microbiology in Silagi, Selma. The appearance of the first spot on the buttock was unusual. Glass posterior urethra, bladder, and possibly kidneys. It is true that in a deep cavity like the vagina, the opposite walls of which are nearly always in contact, the atmosphere can have little or no effect upon the affected parts ( During the whole of this time the specific gravity remained much the same as when the patient came to the hospital. Instead of incising the stomach an inch or more, which is demanded by a intestine, is generally found to be overlarge, I made a very small cut the width of a knife-blade, and then enlarged this opening by a uterine dilator, and with it in situ pushed into the stomach half of the button held securely by the proper forceps.

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