There was no resisting mass to be felt in the tumor.

The seat of the inflammatory changes pointed to a causative agent not acting especially upon the hair follicles, but in a more general manner throughout the corium, and the coagulation within the lymph and blood vessels denoted that this causative agent had not a central but a local seat. In consequence, many old asthmatics go around coughing, spitting and spreading consumption for years without any suspicion as to the harm they are doing.

On June IL'tli the knee was amputated. Wrap a piece of soft linen around the finger and gently cleanse the baby's teeth. Blake said, in rejily to a question by the president, that theie was no known hereditary iuHucnce in his case. Like many old practitioners, Hr. In every case where the true chronic cases of illness have no pathological basis, but are the result of nervous force misapplied through the influence of the mind.

This interval in cases from inoculation consists of about seven days, but cases from infection proceed so much more slowly that the first symptoms do not usually appear until the twelfth day, rarely a day or two earlier or later, but never later than the fifteenth day.

Emerson has served a copies of the original report.

School demands, strict enforcement of the minimum educational entrance requirement, a punctual conduct of instruction, a requirement of at least eighty per cent, of attendance by students, properly proctored examinations that are real rather than perfunctory, and the denial of progress to that ever present group of less capable students who cannot, or will not, profit by the instruction; which results in the elimination of the unfit. From a study of cross, sagittal, and horizontal sections the impression is gained that the portio minor is overwhelmingly motor in composition, and that the greater part of the profundus fibers enter the portio major. He mentioned two cases which he had lately treated. Distillation, and are only slightly soluble in pure water but, by adding neutral potash soap, water can be made to dissolve onehalf its volume of cresol, thus forming lysol, which by the addition of water can be reduced to any strength desired, and for disinfecting purposes is preferable to carbolic acid solutions for the following reasons: It is cheaper, it is not quite as poisonous, and is better for disinfecting excreta and tuberculous sputa. Great depression, great sinking of the vital powers, and where a speedy reaction, an exaltation of the vital manifestation, is desirable, this oil, as a i)rompt and energetic diffusible stimulant, is one of the most certain that can be employed.

If uncomfortable, just readjust them. Cathartics afforded more comfort than any other line of treatment.

The very first questions to ask a patient who presents himself with a sore or red eye, are first, were the eyelids stuck together this morning when you awoke? and second, do you suffer any pain? The answer to these questions will help very much in arriving at a correct diagnosis. By the term antiseptic is meant any agency which counteracts sepsis or putrefaction. Alcohol, which is of that number, produces eventually an increase of each of the anatomical elements of which the liver is composed, and consequently of its entire bulk. Neuro-arthritic conditions must be considered. The other valves were healthy. Rectal feeding, by either injections or suppositories, is not nearly as good for the patient, but may be necessary where there is much The germs are often found in the throat many days after all other signs of the disease have disappeared; hence, he should remain in quarantine until, from examination, he has been found free from them. The spleen may be normal in size, small or enlarged. Of its position as the principal cause of serious disease of the valves, as distinguished from the walls of the heart, originating in middle life, there can be no question. About two months after all the containers had been covered the number of yellow fever "" cases dropped to three a month.

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