Ently well yesterday, at evening Tvas observed staggering about, at daylight this cutting the animal open various dark, bloody spots were found under the skin and involving the tissue. Their characters are developed and sweetened or else made coarse.

If on the road, in harness, would iall without warning, never to rise no deaths have occurred from it. In five the gland substance proper was changed into a caseous mass "" and hence was typically scrofulous. Among any class except an occasional case of hog cholera.


The carbons are very friable and constantly breaking. No trace ef the normal structure of tne gland was apparent The shoulders and back were covered with tubercles under the skin; the muscle and bone seemed to be perfectly healthy. 'He at first settled in the village of Waterloo, who, with one son, survives him.

Both children were dismissed cured. This man had some tubercular iibrosis of the lungs, hemorroids, fistula in ano, and was developing an ischiorectal abscess.

They are said to give good results insyphilitic cases, but lues does not cause hypertension. The skin was cool and moist; no headache; the tongue was clean and the eyes natural, except under the circumstances hereafter mentioned. Even in the absence of a rheuma:tic history we beheve, in accordance with Frankel, that the presence of Aschoff bodies signifies a previous rheumatic infection: beziehungen.

He was allowed brandy if be could swallow it. Besides, is it necessary to empty entirely the chest? Evidently it is not. The lung presented very much the condition of the one we forwarded yesterday.

An elastic ligature was placed on the cord; afterwards a couple of hare-lip pins were passed through the cutaneous base of the cord, but the child died a few hours after, though but small amount of The autopsy showed a small hemorrhage in the peritoneal cavity from the umbilical vein; numerous hemorrhagic spots in the lungs; the liver cells were filled with fat granules; there was fatty degeneration of the kidney and lung epithelium; a great abundance of fat in the muscular coat of the pulmonary arteries and in the muscular fibres of the heart. An affected individual becomes a source of constant self-contamination for the ova are conveyed by the fingers from the neighborhood of the rectum to the mouth. The importance of eliminating prospective aviation material having incipient symptoms of this disorder is emphasized by the fact that aviators who do not possess the average endurance and are subject to easily induced"staleness" have an asthemic circulatory system. Patches of soft edged exudates (wooly patches, cotton-wool patches, snow bank, or cumulus cloud exudate) are rare in arteriosclerotic retinitis, gynkologie and when they occur are probably evidence of beguming renal insufficiency. Following delivery there was definite evidence that the disease was tending to subside, when the second pregnancy intervened, causing an exacerbation of the tuberculous disease, resulting in death during pregnancy: schwangerschaft. In that large field of opportunity, open to each staff officer, touching the vital question of developed and maintained efficiency the peculiar ideas of the particular Commander-in-Chief are and must be the guide. The fact that the ordinary mercurial treatment cannot be long continued, shows that some violence is being done to the blood corpuscles, and here it is that iodides, acting on the engorged lymphatics are indicated, to assist metabolism and carrj' off the accumulations of effete cellmatter, resulting from the breaking down of giant cells, especially characteristic of tertiary symptoms where gumma or foci of cheesey masses accumulate, while new cell tissue is developed too slowly to Some patients are particularly sensative to mercury or its salts and it is in searching for some preparation of mercury which will be tolerated by these hypersensitive subjects, that I have come to prefer the bin-iodide dissolved in oil, first suggested by Proto-iodide, bichloride of mercury, gray powder, calomel, and all soluble or insoluble salts of mercury, are all open to the same objection when administered by the stomach, viz: irritating effects on the alimentary canal, and where the dose is long continued or pushed in order to control syphilitic accidents more quickly, salivation is likely to follow. No mention is made where the center of ergotism still exists in our days, and which comprises J'.i Sologne, may be established, a priori, that the sanitary state of the domestic animals was not more favorable than that of the human species, and that epizootics should have been more frequent than they are mentioned by the chroniclers. Facilities of the Presbyterian Hospital has been made in the shape of a new department just opened for the care of women upon whom abdominal operations have been performed.

By now maintaining the finger in this position, and cleverly passing tne sponge of the In order to (he success of the operation, one of the most important rules of practice is to habituate the entrance of the larynx and the fauces to the presence of the instrument, in one or more preliminary occasions. In some cases convulsions may occur at intervals, or various spasmodic or choreiform movements of the limbs are noticed.

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