The MGM and the Aladdin Hotel. Very soon after the paste is applied the pain ceases, and under the protective covering formed by the magnesia the wounds recover without leaving the cutaneous pigmentation which is so often observed to follow burns that have been allowed to remain exposed to the air. - although the delirium tremens cannot be regarded as caused by the action of the pneumococcus. Inhalation of steam containing preparations of ammonia. The principal source of danger, if I may so express myself, consists not so the increased secretion iiito the minute bronchi, by which the air is prevented from cominginto contact with the pulmonary vesicles, so that the arterialization of the blood is arrested. Every six hours, with ather and ipecac. A second aspiration was done three weeks later.

He had had a few early warning symptoms a day or two before, but on Saturday morning had angina severe enough that he could ignore it no longer; he called the ambulance and had himself taken to Queen's Medical Center September he expired stiddenh. It has been extremly reluctant to do peer rey ieyv of a serious ethical problem in this area, it has been unnecessarily critical of the Kona physicians yvhen yve tried to resolve our oyvn problems, it refuses to discipline an than one meeting a year in Kona in spite of repeated requests and the fact that yve represent more than one fourth of the I feel that these are all issues that need full and open discussion so I am sending a copy of this letter to the editor of the voted upon try the Hawaii State Medical Association House of Delegates, lifter prior announcement (to them) was made, and it is to them that any complaints should be made. That was the class of cases to which he bad desired to call attention.

InS mansonoides, on the other hand, the uterus consists of two series of simple coils, an anterior and a posterior one joined by a narrow duct. It had been his experience that, when the amniotic sac was unruptured, and there was delay beyond twelve hours in the first stage of labor, associated with nagging, inefficient pains, the condition was best treated with narcotics that allayed irritability and produced sleep. Cigars and leaf-tobacco will also be passed without fumigation. During that time he gained six pounds in weight, and could at the time of his discharge from the hospital use the right hand a little. Thus, in a suit for personal injuries, the expert can testify to such objective symptoms as posture, gait, the presence of scars or physical deformity, the reaction of the patient to various tests, the condition of the circulation, of the surface of the body, of the various special organs, or of other facts evident to his, the expert's, senses. Experiment and oliservation show that the appearances of burns, as inflicted before death and after, are very characteristically distinct. Jackson's opinion that external earn tid ligation is soinetiiing to which laryngologists should resort more frequently in the removal of growths such as this, and hereafter I shall not feel quite safe in doing these operations without it. The acidity of the blood is mainly due to the presence oi acid phosphates, but their acid reaction to litmus is masked, owing to excess of the bicarbonates. The early symptoms are those of simple bronchitis. The image is formed in front of the retina. - these are, for the most part, distinctly traceable to morbid changes in the sebaceous glands, in turn induced by impeded capillary circulation and obtunded nerve-fibrillse. The statements of the oldest resident practitioners and both cases resulting in recovery and no other cases developing from them. The after treatment is ven- important. Cases, tend to become worse either in regard to severity or frequency of the paroxysms, especially in those cases in which the exciting causes are removed. I examined the bladder carefully, but could detect no evidence of disease, and so long as the sound was kept in its regular course there was no special irritation in the urethra. - unusual effects are produced only by large quantities, and consist in loss of reflexes, paralysis of ex feeble pulse, and shallow respiration. The only points about the operation worthy of note were the extreme difficulty at first on account of the thickened mucous membrane obscuring the usual landmarks, and the presence of a unilocular cyst of the right ovary, the size of a large orange. The fact that typhoid bacilli might be the cause of a eholecystitis was not admitted by the surgeons. Case in which there were five attacks with symptoms of pericaecal abscess and intestinal adhesions.

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