Try and leave each home happier because you were there, and, finally, try to inculcate in them the spirit of love, not only within the family, but for their neighbors and for America. The farmer's mule has fallen exhausted when he is still twenty miles the health not only of certain individuals but groups in cities and also in rural districts.

Loring, of Valparaiso, Indiana, about a case of a woman sixty-five years of age, who fell and sustained a rupture of the ligamentum patella: on the left side, from muscular violence.

This contains the opinions of nearly all authors on the subject, and the views of the intelligent writer are similar to those of the Lecturer on Surgery delivered in our Medical College. In the case reported here it is to be noted there was a small number of nucleated red cells, but they were all megaloblasts.

Greenwood has been in the habit of advising longcontinued use of small doses of iodide of potash. Another is exposed to cold, or gets wet feet, the mucous membrane of the bowels becomes more or less inflamed, and this terminates in diarrhoea.

A correspondingly large number of cases had their inception between'the twelfth and sixteenth years, that is, at the period of puberty. While social case workers have had long experience in treating physical handicap, the present rehabilitation movement will tend to broaden their connections with other professional gmups. Of places of amusement who exhibit infants in incubators will be guilty of a misdemeanor if a bill now before the Legislature at Albany is enacted. This will include a summary of the study and a notation of that individual's specific or guardian, if applicable.

When the effect of the drug passes off, the tem perature often rises with great rapidity, and the dose must be repeated. Over the knees and buttocks the skin seems slightly darkened in color. And flimulant applications, may excite motion is little to be doubted; but during ment or vafcular adlion is feldoin abfent, therefore epifpaflics cannot often be indicated. Denmark recognized the principle of universal free treatment as the system of anonymous notification must be reported by number and must continue under treatment until cured, failure to report to the physician in the original physician is notified of followed by a report to the health authorities of the name of the delinquent. The red, brown, and blue papers of various shades, used, for example, as wrappers for confectionery, making tickets, and covering boxes, are often highly arsenical. In the case of Westphalen it was based on the microscopic examination of a bit of tissue. If they still exist at the time the child reaches the stage of adolescence and wishes to go to work, the final opportunity is presented for correcting them before they do definite harm. The quantity of proteid or nitrogenous bodies contained in the milk of different species varies very decidedly. Expectant mothers are examined and advised. This led to the question,"May this be the starting point of chronic prostatitis?" Although I have been unable to verify this statement by any personal histological investigations, the statement of Ciechanowski in respect to the preponderance of inflammatory elements in the neighborhood of this subdivision of the prostate is, to my mind, of considerable importance. The measures for correction should begin in early childhood, when the bones are soft and the centers of ossification are just making their appearance. Another objection to the instrument (which, however, is one that applies to a very large number of catheters) is that it has two eyes. In all cases such depression is a permanent cause of meningitis, and pains and nervous accidents of all sorts. Others will discuss geological and archeological questions. Urgent symptoms required an operation, and the diagnosis wavered between omental and ovarian hernia; upon opening the sac, which was the size of an egg, it was found to contain serum and the ovary, and the ovary was removed; the ovary was absent upon the other side; the patient recovered. The amount of overtime varied considerably in the different localities. Redigiert von In incising the external oblique, the lower flap is left q fleeted, this flap being then drawn over the inner part of the junction of conjoined tendon and Poupart's ligament by the sutures used to close the posterior wall of canal.

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