It has always seemed strange to me that, as I anesthetized for different physicians, they waited till the patient did badly under chloroform before they would begin the administration of ether. The same symptoms are likewise characteristic of certain forms of pyaimia, and I cannot learn that such cases are familiar in the practice of those of our physicians who practise outside of cities in districts where malarial affections are most prevalent. - this was marked by a blood picture so typical of lymphatic leucemia that no other diagnosis seemed possible. Now it develops that the wording of the resolutions adopted is capable med.auth.itc of two entirely different meanings. Urine showed a few hyaline and granular the presence of a positive Wasserman, it was thought the blood picture might be due to a sjrphilitic condition and that the administration of salvarsan might remove it. Inhalation of oxygen is said to arrest the convulsions and delirium, but not to retard death. - machado, President of the Association and a prom advocated the federation of all the agencies co-operating in this great work. The volume is indeed very small, measuring a little less than five by three and a half inches, by a half an inch, and the first impression is that it mail is very brief, although it contains between forty and fifty thousand words of text.

The steady increase of leprosy in South Africa has long been a source of anxiety to the Government of Cape Colony. Ionization of the nuclei, alteration in type of the cells to a more benign form, the production of antibodies, etc., are some of the thories advanced by Ewing, Lazarus-Bar weeVs, small ulcer remaining. He puts no dressing on these wounds except a little powder. Meigs and Pepper state that the earliest period at which they have known the distinctive whoop of the disease was three days, tliough in a great many instances it was delayed as late as three weeks. The work, which has to do with the victualing of the hospitals, a newly established dietitian service.

The reasons given of changing relationship in the social and industrial to the public and our personal prerequisites will be introduced into the legislature this coming session. It was with this consideration that I first used ethyl-bromid for the induction of unconsciousness when ether or chloroform was to be used.

The children are given cards with the diagnosis stamped on them for the information of the school nurse who has typed instructions as to what course to pursue. The greatest progress has been made in endeavoring to secure healing by first intention in part and by a rapid and healthy granular process for the As to the Stache radical operation for the cure of chronic suppuration of the middle ear, many obstacles are met to the general employment and complete success of this method. Billroth and Sedillot observed pathological lesions involving a solution of continuity in the spleen, liver, and kidneys, in the order in which they are mentioned; other authors, however, assert that the liver, next to the lungs, is the most frequent seat of purulent deposits.

To determine whether the X ray also have an indirect influence on tumor growth, six mice were subjected to preliminary treatment and later were injected with cancer emulsion, six other mice not previously treated being used as controls: Stimulating embrocations of turpentine or mustard, or dry or wet cups, are sometimes resorted to for relief of pain.

Almost complete recovery followed local postlaryngeal wall large ulcer; infiltration of right vocal cord; (nleniatous swelling of right plica aryepiglottica.

If we add protein we can overcome the trouble.


The diaphragm was carefully dissected away, and the posterior portion of the thoracic wall likewise carefully examned. Which is probably due to the water, there is a very low curve of free acid and a much delayed emptying, the inhibitory action of fats both on motor and secretory activity being well demonstrated. Hartman was declared duly elected. Some people who have a great belief in their own'discoveries' recommend such things as dog's blood,".Chemists of the American Medical Association made tests of material in an'inhaler,' a device which Books received are acknowledged in this column, and such acknowledgment must be regarded as a sufficient return for the courtesy of the sender. Before the drumhead is bulging and the mastoid tender, leeches will do as much to prevent the occurrence of meningitis as will any opening into the bone, which has not yet begun to suppurate. For more than twelve months past the hand of welcome has again been extended, beckoning us"on to Richmond"! Let me congratulate you, Fellows, upon having: once more assembled in this beautiful city, the Saratoga of the South, toward which, since my brief residence here in the troublous times of war, I have never once set my face or turned my feet without feelings of commingled Before commencing my address, being a veteran of that cause which was so dear to every true Southron's heart, and being full-fraught with reminiscent feeling, will I not be pardoned for allowing my thoughts to revert for a few moments to the early sixties, when the popular cry north of Mason and Dixon's line was,"On to Richmond"! when this metropolis, then the capital not only of the"Old Dominion," but of the new-born nation, the Confederate States of America, was the citadel of"grim-visaged" war and the principal theatre of our civil strife; when everybody hereabout wore the gray, and the measured tread of soldiery keeping step to the sound of fife and drum, the clatter of sabres of mounted men, the heavy rolling of artillery, and even"the roar of the hoarse-voiced cannon, the red-mouthed orators of war," and the clangor of resounding arms, were familiar in strangely solemn and awful contrast with the peaceful scenes and money-getting hustle of today. There is certainly no dearth of hospitals in New York city. This reeducation should begin by encouraging voluntary contraction of the muscle in its zero position, very gradually encouraging its development so that it becomes able to move the extremity from a position more and more removed from zero.

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