THE NUBIAN AND DONGOLA HORSES. - little, Las Vegas, Nev Edgar Wayburn, San Francisco, Calif Norman E. Under the microscope the transverse striation is seen to be lost; the muscle first becomes granular and then undergoes fatty According to Hayem, there is a simple atrophy of the muscular fibre with retention of the cross striation, which persists to the end. Beevor and Ballance report a case of removal of a tumour involving the upper part of the ascending parietal convolution, the anterior part of the parietal lobule, and the adjacent marginal gyrus. Some new members were elected, and it was resolved to present the following petition to both Houses of Parliament in favour of the Government Medical Bill, to be signed on behalf of the Council by the president and the honorary secretaries: prescriptions. In a recent case in which the appendix, right tube and ovary and a loop of ileum near its terminal portion were all involved in an inflammatory pelvic mass, when delivery was complete it was found that the bowel was so infiltrated, friable and ragged that resection was considered e-sential to satisfactorily complete the operation. To speak of it with praise, and act always as a trustworthy custodian of its good name. He was observed for a number of days during picture showed the entire mastoid cavity broken dowm. If women and children had been always and everywhere the) first care of men, there would never have beerj war. But I was very comfortable, because thru the Assistant Minister of Health, who had received me with open arms, the highly competent United States ofificials whom I found upon the ground and the admirable American Relief Administration, I had been given a private car upon the railway and a flat car on which a Ford car had been loaded for my especial use. J would attend to him to see what would happen to hira.

In children even the gentlest banning will provoke struggling and straining.


Infection of the gall-bladder and biliary passages and chronic appendicitis must be con sidered in order to make our investigation not be allowed to obscure the importance of investigation for other possible foci. - the indigenous origin of the disease, on the other hand, no one can doubt who has read the able report of Dr.

Rather should stress be placed upon the necessity of freedom from tuberculous infection on the part of all individuals, parents, teachers, or employees, who directly or indirectly, are responsible for the physical welfare of children.

The wool parts from the skin easily, and in some instances the animal fed on low, wet pastures are liable to be attacked by this complaint. It is as man's grease, of each fzco ounces; mummy and man's blood, of each one-half ounce; linseed oil, one-fourth ounce; oil of roses and ammoniac, of each one-eighth ounce.

This statement, however, requires qualification in respect to the left hemisphere. In such cases it is said that gradual improvement usually follows, and may go on to allow of an almost normal power of locomotion. Cock stated that two fatal cases had occurred this year at the New York Hospital, in one of which the immediate cause of death was haemorrhage from the intestines, and in the other perforation. After death necrotic softening, due to blocking of the Sylvian artery, was found in the Eolandic area of the left hemisphere. There were no symptoms of paralysis or contractiu-e. Prevention is the management of choice for food-in duced anaphylaxis. A somewhat similar, but a different parasite (Strongylus Filaria) is found in the bronchial tubes and windpipe of lambs and ewes.

We had no data regarding the use of other drugs such as cocaine; if associated with marijuana use, they may account for the however, reported having serious problems with drugs at Another potential problem is our reliance on selfreporting (login). Xo one more able could have been This volume completes the year in which the publishers have attempted to make this well-known quarterly a record of clinics. Alourners the people can be called, for while it is probable that no one man or woman in the crowd ever saw Edith Cavcll, they had gathered to express a deep sympathy born of admiration for what a woman, surrounded by her country's enemies, did for England.

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