Even common dashing of the abdomen from a large sponge, or a stream directed from a moderate height, by means of a watering-pot, divested of its rose, may be made to answer; but a douche from a leathern hydraulic tube, having a height of water of three or four feet to supply the force, and a diameter of half an inch, is the most certain and complete manner in which it can and breakfast have been gone through, the bowels will be ready to act with certainty and with success, and the stools will be both copious and of a satisfactory consistency." and whether the practical consequences are fairly and logically deduced from the premises, we have not time to enquire; as we have already bestowed more space on this pamphlet than we can well spare. And jun., Sir George Baker, Sir Edward VVilmot, JohnFothergil, Haygarth, Fordyce,and others. The cut is not deep, and by the finger pressing from the outside against the edge of the knife, the operator can, by feeling, facilitate his work.

Therefore I do not think we are very cruel, if we we do not employ narcosis in such cases. The jar is then placed in a water-bath and boiled for one hour. Our first indication in this, as well as all other diseases, is to remove all substances that would have a tendency to excite inflammation.

They also have each its own appropriate stimulants." Vide nerves in this way. In ordinary cases the use of the cayenne and hot water pack to the abdomen, will be sufficient.

Let us have it thoroughly tried, login and it may be another instance of a very valuable remedy, in a common article.

The spinal cord, as a whole, is often materially altered thereby, thickened, misshapen; but frequently, also, nothing unnatural can be noticed about it externally. It becomes acid in reaction, more oxygen is used up and more carbon dioxide given off, sarcolactic acid is generated, giycogen is used up, and the muscle substances soluble in water are diminished in amount, while those soluble in Locate in the brain, the seat of the special sense of Sight has its seat in the gyrus angularis, cuneus, and in the occipital lobes; hearing in the superior temporal; smell It is due to some disturbance or abnormal irritation of the endings of the vestibular branch of the auditory nerve. Beino; struck with the foulness of the patient's physical examination of his chest, I determined to try salicylic acid. To this I attribute the many sudden deaths after eating.


These inflammatory complications were frequently observed in Florentine physicians" mortuorum cadavera intercostales musculos, diaphragma, rcnes, et intestina plus minusque inflammatione correpta." Cachectic inflammation of the kidneys may occur after scarlatina, the urine being albuminous, a'nd yet no anasarca may take place. That it may even arise from a deficient or interrupted circulation of blood at the origin or in the trunk of the nerve, is merely a supposition that hardly admits of positive proof The circumstance of neuralgia terminating so frequently in palsy is no evidence of this being its immediate cause, for palsy proceeds more frequently from the consequences of inflammatory action in portions of the nervous centres related to the paralyzed part; from disorganization or organic lesion: from inflammatory softening, or interrupted circidation of blood, although this state of the circulation in parts of the nervous centres probably causes palsy in some instances.

When epizo.ty prevails among animals, those caring for them may become affected, in which case the pharynx b comes highly inflamed and discharges an excessive amount of corrupt secretion. One of the penalties paid by suffering humanity, incident to modern civilization, is the increasing prevalence of nervous affections.

In mild cases, these means, aided by a farinaceous, mucilaginous, and spare diet, will generally be sufficient; but in severer attacks, a repetition of the more active of these, and the aid of additional remedies, will be requisite.

Sedentary people subsist upoh less, but they are weak in fibre, and generally valetudinarians.

"We hold at secondary value the common references to the nerve-centres as the source of manifisiations. The bile found in cases of biliary congestion varies in its characters, but it is commonly darker and thicker than natural, and as described in the article Gall-bladder liver is not infrequently met with in infants, owing to asphyxia upon coming into the air at birth. - just then the doctor arrived with the battery, which was hastily set going, and one pole applied to the nape of the neck and the other over the region of the heart.

Perhaps the next great advance in the treatment of the insane will be the setting free of those whom asylum life no longer benefits, admitting them to the incalculable curative influence of constant association with those possessed of their reason, and the educating the world at large to the knowledge that a lunatic is not, simply because he is a lunatic, to be feared and avoided, but that he is, even more than any other one stricken with disease, to be pitied and helped onward to health by kind ministrations and human sympathies: Explain how ozone may be prepared in the laboratory, and compare its properties Gives a dark blue color to paper that has been wet with iodide of potassium and starch mucilage. It is our established rule not to insert accounts of remarkable cases without knowing, WEEKLY REPORT OF DEATHS IN BOSTON, Published weekly, at two dollars a year.

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