All are due to the same kind of causes, and general paresis is no exception; and it is, indeed, found in the same class of cases. Your correspondent encourages us to hope for an account of some cases in which he succesfully treated the couch by that means; and you, in a note, expressed a wish to receive them, in which, I trust you will allow me, though so long lecture upon whooping cough reported in your the whooping-cough was first suggested in Germany; and that it is said to have been confirmed by some more recent experience in America. Let a physician speak freely his mind, and when such a person comes to consult him, who is manifestly unfit in every sense of the word, do him a life-long kindness by frankly telling A German writer's idea of the qualifications needful for a"You must bring to your task a clear eye and sharp ears; acuteness of observation and patience for infinite study; an unclouded brain and an iron will strengthened in difficulty and embarrassment, but a warm, moving heart, that takes cognizance of all sorrow and sympathizes with it; religious convictions and moral stamina which resist the seductions of sensuality, money, and honors. At the border of the lobule the stages of transition of liver epithelia into medullary or inflammatory with the result that instead of shining, homogeneous, only finely granular, irregular, medullary corpuscles were seen. Sions especially, although, as might be supposed, no syntonin was albumin, gave often a decided cloud, due to the presence of proteoses. This thinning-out of the parasite at its center may continue to actual perforation when Observing such a ring with an open Abbe and deflected light, we can see that it makes a deep sharp furrow in the surface of the blood-corpuscle, which protrudes into the center like a finger in a ring.

Thus it appears that the mortality of the Nursery, if all the admitted infants were newborn instead of being four to five months old, would be so appalling that I am glad I am not required to state its exact figures. The members ot Reference Committee Number Three were Lee Parker, Dwight W. And with the highest degree of competence by the subspecialists. In such cases the internal rectus may still be capable of functioning on convergence, or when the eye to which it belongs is tested independently of that in which the external rectus is paralyzed. The convergent strabismus had almost gone, but the paresis in the left arm and hand still remained. Another one of Maud Howe's delightful sketches of Italian life will be found in this number. Moreover, it is a wellknown fact that physicians practising in regions free from malaria are helpless in regard to intermittent fevers, the causes of which are not evident, and that they too willingly jump at the diagnosis of malaria when a blood examination would solve the question. The responsibility for the functional end results in a vast majority of these cases of bone and joint tuberculosis rests with the medical man who sees them first, usually the general practitioner or the general surgeon. The deba c occupied two evenings, and was conducted in a spirited and talented manner. The book seems to us important for still another fact. President, to offer an expression of my gratitude for the honor you conferred upon me when you permitted me to speak before this Academy in memory of Dr. Partial removal leads, in young animals, to a stunting of growth, to reviews adiposity and failure of sexual development, in adult animals to adiposity and genital dystrophy (Cushing). Upon the same general plan of architecture as are the other organs of the body. At the same time the interrupted sutures are removed, and with the same ease, this long peritoneal and fascial suture is withdrawn, after being cut at one end but at two points, the half inch of exposed suture being removed. Prof Romberg, of Berlin, says the essential symptoms consist in painfulness of the abdomen, dulness of sound on percussion, and not unfrequently effusion in the abdomen; and it is worthy of notice that the children have pain in evacuating the bowels when the stools are hard, as constipation is usually present. If destroyed by inflammation it is never renewed. If INDERAL therapy is interrupted and exacerbation of angina occurs, if usually is advisable to reinstitute INDERAL therapy and take other measures appropriate for the management of unstable angina pectoris Since coronary artery disease may be unrecognized, it may be prudent to follow the above advice in patients considered at risk of having occult atherosclerotic heart disease who are given propranolol for other PATIENTS WITH BRONCHOSPASTIC DISEASES SHOULD IN GENERAL NOT RECEIVE BETA BLOCKERS. The last is one of the rare cases, and possibly the only one, in which ovariotomy has been performed through the vagina during the actual process of labor. Correspondence may be addressed to Dr.

He gave no opinion, she says, as to the nature of the" swelling." I expected to find a chronic salpingitis or some chronic inflammatory condition of the appenoages or cellular tissue, but was more than surprised to find a softly elastic, strongly pulsating, and thrilling tumor, of about the size of a hen's egg, projecting into the left vaginal vault, close to the cervix and extending slightly down on the left vaginal wall. Complaints - the constitutional effects vary from primary over-activity to glandular under-activity.

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