He had seen several cases treated when with the Federal army in Virginia.

Fibula which he received in a carriage accident in July, and is now at recovered from his recent illness. He considers strychnine given hypodermically the best cardiac stimulant. These papers were discussed by Drs, White, Jolly, Douglas, Roberts and Cary. The position of this passage high up on the posterior wall undoubtedly in many cases prevents the inflammatory process from reaching the antrum. It necessitates the inclusion of the study of organic chemistry in the preparation for medical study, and a condition which this additional preparation will make for the first time possible, the development of a more systematic experimental study of physiological and pathological chemistry in the course at the Medical School. As the object of my paper is simply to record the clinical history of an uimsual and isolated outbreak of acute dysentery, I shall not load it with surmises as to whether Amoeba coli of Lbsch was present or not, as the infecting micro-organism, and whether, tlierefore, the type of the disease justified the application of" amoebic dysentery," or true tropical dysentery (Osier, Councilman, and Laflenr). The story patients frequently walk with short, dragging steps, fall easily, cannot help themselves very well, etc. It may cause (a) protrusion of the posterior vaginal wall at the vulva, by pressing Douglas' pouch down; (b) retention of urine, by driving the uterus so forward that it compresses the urethra; (c) painful and difficult defalcation, and even obstruction of the bowels, by its pressure on the rectum; (d) elongation of the cervix by stretching over the front of the tumour, and (e) sloughing of parts of the The course of serous -perimetritis.

He died in his old age in his native town, where he spent the years of his retirement, leaving behind him a fortune of half a million pounds.

The use of acetone for rapid hardening and fixation receives little attention, while the new and important methods for making frozen sections are scarcely referred to. Culture experiiTients afford very strong evidence of the bacteria being the real originators of the disease, but there remain still some debatable points which must be overcome before the doctrine can be considered definitely Dr. The whole course of the disease makes the hypothesis very probable that we have causes first a mild or severe general infection of the body, and then is localized chiefly in one or several circumscribed portions of the spinal cord: It is a fact of especial interest that we find quite commonly a diminution and even a complete atrophy of the thyroid gland ( I have known a quartan ague last some years, being only occasionally interrupted by the repeated use of this powder. Under the most adverse conditions for the parasite a pasture or premises may be considered free from parasites in The usual channel of entrance of internal parasites is the digestive tube, either in food or water that has been contaminated by the discharges of infested animals or by infested land. When we are giving information to royalty, it is customary to preface our remarks with the statement" as Your Majesty already knows," even though we are discussing so distant a question as that of partridges in America. I have attributed the frequent local peritonitis in the meso-sigmoid to the condition and relaxation of the psoas muscle as predisposing factor.

As to ergot for internal hjemorrhage, except that from the uterus, he considered actual time haemorrhage took place in the first case. The slight increase in administrative difficulty would During the last year in two of the hospitals with which I am connected, I have attempted to carry out the above plan. They are oftenest associated is in some way conveyed to starters the brain, but just how is not yet known. Entering the abdominal cavity the sigmoid flexure was sought for, brought external to the opening, ligated, and divided below the ligature. On the Lobeck Bill came before the Committee on Agriculture in since received a copy of the hearings and read the addresses we stated were to be given at that time.

Within forty-eight hours they had thirty cases, the consolidation involving either the whole lung or spots in the lung. From the lungs to the next place where a synthetic process is possible, we must leave the circulatory apparatus entirely.

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