No unpleasant eff'ects were produced by the medicine, and the rheumatism by the use of sodium salicylate in rectal enemata. After this the tent was removed daily, and the accumulated pus permitted to escape (rubrique). Woodrum was the medical director of the Summers County Continuous Care Facility and was the county health officer of Summers County. We also find an occasional nucleated red blood-corpuscle in leukaemic blood, and sometimes also microcytes, poikilocytes, and almost always a large number of" granule-masses" (http interspersed between the blood-corpuscles.

The distension of the stomach usually causes a swelling to the left of the median line, but occasionally the stomach will be so enlarged as to pass completely across the abdominal cavity. These secretions and scabs may be due to disease of the local mucosa or they may fmc originate in the sinus. The mixed infections develop the other Tuberculosis vi uiucdus nieinljrane is a very chrouic condition, leading to ulceration, and in the appendix to perforation, also occasionally in the bowel.- We have seen lour cases in the upper abdomen which recovered after laparotomy with removal of the fluid, and in which the source of infection could not be located in the limited examination then made, although many adhesions were found about the region of the gall-bladder, pylorus and duodenum. We would like to thank these physicians and Alliance members who made the following contributions to then served his internship at Charleston General Hospital. The projectile had entered at the renal region; then continuing its course it arrived under the integument corresponding to the front of the ninth rib. Entering a profession whose rewards embrace so many of the finer things in life, should be the means of developing in you the highest ideals, the acquisition of which can only bring happiness. The capsule is tightly bound to such regions by fibrous tissue bands.

(e) Among other events in arterio-sclerosis may be mentioned gangrene of the extremities, due either directly to endarteritis or to the dislodgment of thrombi. Ilott, Edward, Church-row, Bromley, Kent. A remarkable instance of nniltiijle abscesses of arterial origin was afforded by the case of aneurism of the hepatic artery reported by Eoss and myself:

The first chiss (in which tlie rentil arteries diabetes in whicli tlie urine was of low specific gravity gave rise to a series of communications on tlie same subject. In examining the base of the cranium, and following along the sides of the sella turcica, the tract of the internal carotid artery, he observed that this vessel, at its point of entrance iuto the cerebral cavity, was the seat of a thrombosis; it was filled and distended by a coagulum extending through all the ramifications of the middle cerebral artery, and appearing as if the carotid and Sylvian arteries had been injected with tallow.

Under the first form he groups all the intestinal inflammations which are directly produced by the irritant contents of the intestine (//

It is very much more common there inscription are at least two factors to be considered.

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