I have used it of my own accord, believing that from the nature of the medicine I could accomplish with it what I could not do with any other agent.

These are weakness of the eyes, headache, pain in the eyes on use, inability to use them long, excessive lacryination, photophobia, nervousness, twitching of the eyelids, and even hyperopia and myopia, and a portion of the symptoms may be due to one of In the majority of cases with low degrees of hyperopia it is sufficient to correct the astigmatism, and the correction of astigmatism removes the troublesome symptoms that were assumed to depend The correction of astigmatism alone many times may give marked relief, but it is better to give full correcting glasses so that the refraction of the dioptric The eye-strain caused by astigmatism is prpbably a very important factor in, cent, showed simple myopia.

Initial lesions of the lip, tongue, throat, eyelid, and other extragenital locations, especially when occurring in older people, are frequently mistaken for surgical or other infections. The idea at the root of the whole performance is simply the ancient act of incubation. Severe coarctation produces a similar picture. Perforation between the symphysis and the peritoneum above does not give rise to general symptoms; whereas shock, pallor, weak pulse, vomiting, etc., may be much marked when the peritoneum is involved in the injury. Beard, to confuse the study of insanity by the use of terms which are misleading to those who are not aware of their proper restrictions.

While preparing for operation and in those cases in which an operation has been refused, the first thing to do is to give a dose of castor-oil or calomel; an enema should also be given and the patient kept quiet.

It is thought to bear some undetermined relation to the nutrition of bone or dermal tissues. Tlie doses, repeated at intervals of two hours, are attended with therapeutic effects and with less danger of untoward symptoms than larger doses given at longer Caution against the simultaneous use of antipyrine and calomel. And the pulse quick and compressible. Traction of the tongue causes this symptom In two cases a rhythmic shake of the head observed, synchronous witli the cardiac systole and due to downward traction of left bronchial tube and trachea by the aneurism at each diastole. An official of the church had his whole leg consumed by cancer. Mark's Hospital; President of the American Therapeutic Society; Fellow of the American Academy of Medicine, We have read over carefully several chapters of Dr. A good urinary antiseptic during convalescence from typhoid and scarlet SAMPLES ON REQUEST. In the present state of our knowledge, the use of chloroform for the production of anaesthesia is justifiable during labor, in persons suffering from acute or chronic disease of the kidneys, in tracheotomy cases, and in the young and old, especially when they are suffering from bronchitis. Charles Sauter Two cases: an amputation of the ear for epithelioma of the helix and an abscess of the maxillary sinus in elderly deal of irritation and to delay granulation; similar experience several times with iodoform. And now to close my remarks, I will say that I never tied a simply directed the patients to keep their thighs together and to avoid spreading them apart as much as possible. Good data are available on young men and athletes, hut these are not directly applicable to the problem of the coronary patient. It would seem that if one waits to make a diagnosis until the Charcot triad (nystagmus, intention tremor and scanning speech) are present, the patient will be well along in the disease. He must be the dedicator, and in his dedication he says that he makes the offering at his own expense, according to given in a heavenly vision. In this position the director is firmly held while the Figure V shows the next step in the operation, which is the passing of the knife along the groove of the director.

He had had two similar attacks in the last five years. It is, when carefully done, not more dangerous than the lumbar operation. The a fly to put over it Three pairs of good blankets and an india-rubber one for each, but it is well to take a good thick flannel shirt, and a thick pair of worsted socks, to be used as bedding, for should the weather be very cold, they will afford as much wannth as an extra pair of blankets, and wdgh and plates, knives, forks and spoons, coffee pot and mill, axe, hatchet, rope for packing and staking out the animals, etc.

Are invariably present and are characteristic.

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