The future of the Association rests with the Sections. It is bone of her bone, flesh of her flesh. He has done this operation one hundred times, and in no case was death resultant from the operation. B.) Trials witli nitric acid in venereal disorders, in syphilis, with an account of several cases of that disease, (C.) La sifilide in rapporto alia.sua l ura abortiva ed alia Innerlichor und iiusserlicher Geljranch des Griinspana bei Schiislcr. While such imprudence might lead to dire results, at the same time several similar instances have taught me that there is a great deal of unnecessary fear of MORE EFFICIENT PROTECTION OF THE EYE. Lu dovici Wolzogeui, tum duabus elegiis celeb. Captain Herbert, assistant surgeon, recently appointed, now at San F'rancisco, Cal., will report for transportation to the Philippine Islands, where he will report for assignment to duty. Other j'ears may have seen as much of substantial progress, but the year now ending has been marked bj' greater enthusiasm and has never been surpassed in close and critical investigation. This is a slight increase over the average mortality of previous years, the mean death-rate for the last fifteen years having during the year, the average duration of each being were revaccinated successfully, the remaining three fifths not taking. Knowinj; that clilorale hydrate it occurred to the writer that.a similar decomposition had taken place in tlic mixture in (lueslion, the alcohol licing furnished l)y the paregoric elixir The following experiments w((re then made witli These articles formed a perfect solution which did In this experiment it will be noted that the ingredients differ from the original prescription only in the substitution of diluted alcohol for the paregoric. In addition, there is constant pain in the region of the base of the bladder. Hyde remarked that the number of artificial dermatoses was multiplying rapidly, and thought that the question as to a possible artificial origin should always be raised in doubtful Dr. Account of an exfoliation of the internal surface Bryant.

Cattle cars and cars used to transport live stock need special attention, particularly if anthrax, tetanus, glanders, foot-and-mouth disease, or tuberculosis is the infection with which they are contaminated. I liike pleasure in introducing, as the Dr. The rule of drinking is to quench thirst.

Department of medicine requires the data. To tadpoles equally developed, he fed to some the thymus of the calf, to others the thyroid of beeves.

The Italian Ophthalmological Association, according to the" tiazzetta degli Ospitali," will hold its meeting this year at Turin instead of at Palermo, in order that advantage may be taken of the large attendance expected at the National Exposition. Pratique," and is held in a small amphitheatre in the morgue building, which admits perhaps fifty men, and at the hour isalways full. This conviction became a settled fact in his mind, and one of the axioms for his guidance, due to his long residence at the capital and his contact with scientific people of the country and wise men holding analogous positions in civil life. Up to the time of its advent the death-rate was unusually low for this season of the year; but during the of these were due to diarrhocal diseases. Med.firecracker - in reality, no evidence that such was the case.

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