- T J perfectly normal and one wonders it he it is a remedy of merit; hastily done, SURGERY INDICATIONS IN GALLBLADDER DISEASES The so-called duodenal drainage has, in a way, ruined lots of good gall-bladder surgery. Ment by this Society of a committee to The Board of Medical Examiners is define"State Medicine;" in other words, our first born.

Dysenteric discharges, that is, quite frequent evacuations and straining, as in dysentery, and the evacuations are about the consistence of pudding, or thin jelly, and are usually of a pinkish color (hacked). Rational life to the animal was my keynote to success, and I am now in a position to table details of animal life in the Tropics, and certain rules of tropical hygiene for animals, all of which helps the great main The general effect of my friend's plan of campaign was felt in two years; gradually the doctrine of rational life in tropical lands spread, and now girls and matrons take long with men in powers of endurance, while the whole scheme Girls play tennis in the tropic heat with impunity; they boat, swim, dance, and generally' lead active lives. To those who are not familiar with orificial ideas and theories and practices, we can say that there can be no more auspicious time to gain a practical knowledge of orificial surgery than at this meeting of the Association.

By this method, the relaxation of the triceps surae group was appraised and evaluated in several pathologic conditions: the arthrit ides, muscle disease, and increased muscle tone conditions. Packing and a bandage completed the dressing, and Morand claims distinct success from its use. I might apply the same remark, though with greater doubt, to that curious affection, the trismus nascentium, prevalent in particular localities, and these widely different in all physical circumstances.f The great frequency of stone in the whose life was too early terminated. Elongated bullets were first a long rod, and this was wound upon a reel like a rope. In conclusion, no procedure has yet been devised for the relief of intractable pain which does not have some disadvantages. The digestion of wheat gluten by juices obtained from patients with celiac disease is not demonstrably different from that obtained with the intestinal juice of normal subjects, and furthermore, the product of peptic and tryptic digestion of gluten retains its toxic properties. The pupils remained dilated for some hourfj, and she complained of numbness and double vision: It is not known if the degree of positivity of this test has any correlation with the clinical stage of disease, but a definite correlation has been found between the degree of positivity of the test and the duration of gestation. The boy to-day is strong and hearty and shows no ill effects of his serious FOR INFORMATION AND CATALOGUE ADDRESS The Pomeroy Frame Truss. And unless f what all these nutrition investigators you can be sure of such an inspection, agre e is the one indispensable food, the sustained over a long period of time, and real"safety" food, cow's milk? prove it by a check consisting of con- Producers of the better sort in various sistently low bacterial counts, honestly parts of this State have been writing in to National Headquarters, as well as to various local commissions, asking what they must do in order to qualify as producers of Certified Milk. They took a quantity of urine, diluted it with water, the one-thousandth part of its weight of a disinfectant, making each experiment in duplicate.

This fact is strikingly attested in paralysis and other cerebral disorders; where, the ideas still remaining distinct, words are partially or wholly wanting for their expression; or others, by a strange and inexplicable perversion, are substituted, having no relation to the intended sense.

The soldier, remarking,' Oh! that's it, is it?' immediately levelled his musket at Colonel Reed and fired.

But allowing what has already been assigned to this cause, the particular character of the weather at these times will scarcely support the inference; nor has the result in question been equally apparent even under higher degrees of atmospheric temperature. Gunshot injuries and wounds are a subordinate group of the local injuries. With this object in view the Committee will be pleased to invite you personally to attend; as well as the members of the Society or Medical Fraternity to which you belong, in order that through your presence and works the certain success of the Congress, that science expects of its begs that from now on you will not hesitate to keep yourself in fraternal relations with this Committee, and also that you will let us know before hand if you intend to attend the Congress in person or to send scientific The Committee hopes to receive a reply shortly to the invitation to this meeting, which should serve as an incentive to unite professional interests, to stimulate the advance of the medical science and to contribute to the preservation of the health and the prolongation of the life of the We take advantage of this opportunity to express to you the best Will you kindly insert the following in your Journal giving it as prominent a place as possible? The writer desires information regarding any alleged recoveries or cures of inoperable or recurrent carcinoma of the mammary gland. To relieve intestinal pain, plain warm fomentations; to relieve heat, Camphor stimulated the linkedin heart, and reduced temperature, and might be used internally or subcutaneous ly according to the necessities in the case. Their fate was sealed before the first incision was made. Present illness dated five days before entry to Mercy Hospital, at which time patient observed a rapid onset of weakness, fatigue, dyspnea, and pallor. The father had been deaf and dumb from birth, the mother had had pneumonia five times, being unhealthy, and all of them had had head eruptions. The blood pressure percussion and auscultation.

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