Fine catgut suturing of the serous lining, not quite underlying the line of skin incision, renders good primary union, with a strong covering, Robson reported, among others, one recovery in a case where the sac was inflamed, and its The question of interference in caries from Potts' disease hinges upon two conditions: First, in the early stage, before extensive destruction of bone has occurred, an endeavor may be made to abbreviate the course of the disease by curetting, and tre.iting the lesion precisely as we deal with tubercular lesions elsewhere. In the one instance a physician proved that water was a lethal threat; in the other, water became a life-sustaining force.

It was an oversight on my part. During foetal life it is separated from the parent sac. The only inconvenience had been some aching in the part, especially after exertion. But they hamper voluntary action by the uncontrolled movements they evoke, and tend to prevent escape by fixing the body in a position unfavourable for flight. The following officers were elected: President, Wm. Ewen Stabb; his case was remarkable as the patient had rigidity of all four limbs previous In all the above twenty cases there was a history of longstanding otorrhoea, and the duration of the fatal illness without operation varied from seven days to five weeks. Emmet's chief remedy in all shades of cellulitis, and he has thus ingeniously, perhaps unintentionally, brought the profession to a recognition of the correctness of his views in One of the distinguishing features of the present edition of the work, is the fact that several new operations are described, one of which, at least, is destined to win for itself a lasting place among restorative procedures in plastic gynecology. The purchaser, thinking that it was an ordinary cough medicine, treated it as an ordinary medicine bottle thought it desirable that some bottles of this cough mixture' were purchased (berlin). Above subject, mostly covering ground that has already been gone over, and we have not space to give the matter further attention at this time than to allude to some a question in pathology," and objects to the term" dead teeth," since dentists hold that in death or intentional destruction of the pulp the dentine only loses its vitality; and that while" the tooth is retained in healthy connection with the alveolar process," the cementum and periosteal membrane remain" unaffected" so far as the death of the pulp is concerned.

According to Umber both internists and gynaecologists are agreed that it is very exceptional for diabetic women to become pregnant. Nothing was left except some fingers, which probably belonged to the right or left baud." Paris, celebrated bis one hundred and second birthday. Even conditions which have been regarded with contempt or indifference as imaginary or fictitious may be found useful to the operating surgeon or the practical We recorded in our columns last week some interesting experiments carried out at Leeds by Dr.

It appeared possible that the intussusception had been incompletely reduced, as the cajjut caeci when I ongested has a tendency to retain the depression. They are the best and most reliable medicines on the market. Accra, Gold Coast, West Meggitt, H. The first symptom was severe pain, which preceded the swelling of the joint by some hours.

The Committee of the Senate were, we understand, indisposed to recommend so large a representation, which would doubtless be objected to by the medical schools and other affiliated institutions.

Allowances for expenses incurred in the actual performance of official duties by officers, councilors, trustees, members of the Judicial Council and of commissions and committees, delegates to the American Medical Association and employes of the State Society shall be made in conformity with the following conditions. Megaw, professor of pathology at King George's Medical College, Lucknow, states that hookworm infection is exceedingly prevalent in the United Provinces, and that nearly every one there who reaches adult life harbours hookworms, or has at some time harboured them.

Gautsch, the Austrian Minister of Public Instruction, in the name of the Austrian Government; bj- the Bubgomasteb op Vienna, in the name of the city of Vienna; and by Professor Billeoth, in the name of the Imperial Koyal Society of Physicians. Congestion, edema, and minute hemorrhages as in preceding stages.

Injudicious infusion of salt solution might be markedly detrimental, hastening the onset of death. Incur great exhaustion, either from the nature of the service, or from their being not in a state fit for it, to eat a fjiece of Inead the experiment of substituting a piece of bread for a cup of tea or coffee, or beef tea, as a refresher.

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