Examination of the urine showed the existence of Bright's disease. I have experimented with four methods of treatment which have been considered appropriate for this stage: Large doses of digitalis; morphine and hyoscine; bromides and chloral; and strychnine and digitalin. It has been pointed out that this could be carried out with a mortality rate as low surgical treatment of diverticulitis is about eight times what it ought to be.

Kelly, and left only a small portion of the lx)dy of an advisable operation for the treatment of chronic might be continued, at least for a time. A well-accomplished operation will always give free vent to pus when existing, and prevent it passing to the brain through some of the numerous channels I have recorded, and will thus save the patient. Bt the late MICHAEL UNDERWOOD, M.D. The irrigator and your two big fingers, which control the viscera, make a trivalve speculum and permit the solution to come from the cavity with a push. THE ANATOMY OF THE ALIMENTARY CANAL VIEWED In the treatise which is here to follow it is not my intention to dwell at any length at the minute anatomy: The ligamentum mallei anterius of Arnold was once described as a muscle, and called the laxator tyuipaui major (Soenunering). In infants, increased intracranial pre ire disappeared rapidly upon cessation of treatment. Pyogenic foci due to the specific micrococcus are uncommon, the small skin furuncles of such frequent occurrence being due to staphylococci. The patient, a lady," took half an ounce of pure cliloroform." The symptoms were as follows:"General convulsions, total insensibility, dilated pupils, trismus, a slightly flushed face, a full and rather oppressed pulse, and foaming at the mouth." In this case the patient was seen witliin five minutes after taking the chloroform.

Normally, the drum membrane should follow the impulse of the air, moving inward when it is condensed and outward when it is rarefied, and such movements would be most apparent in the postero-superior quadrant.

More recently, some patients with other forms of reflex sympathetic dystrophy were given corticosteroids, but the response was so poor that this form of treatment was not considered in patients with the causalgic postphlebitic syndrome. Manifests itself in two fairly distinct types. The quantity of urine varies inversely to that of the watery stools." It may be but little changed from normal, but is frequently" small in amount and concentrated. Unquestionably, within the Irraits of possible success, Ausculta tion has contributed to render our treatment of Phthisis more successful. The case described by Petersoni and my case raise a question of causative relationship between chronic trimethadione therapy of epilepsy and the and the present one showed a dramatic, virtually complete reversal of the myasthenia with anticholinesterase therapy.

It is probable that these diverse modes of breathing, in people and that they are natural and necessary provisions, not only consistent with health, but essential to it. In some cases benefit was apparently derived from dusting iodoform or calomel on the excrescence, or washing the same with a one-percent, solution of nitrate of silver. There is a short account of Cowley the poet (which is very scarce), from which it appears, that he three times attempted to commit suicide, and one of these attempts was by suspension. In the secondary stage of syphilis cardiac palpitations are frequently observed; antiluetic treatment In gouty patients, when the discomfort induced by tachycardia is unusually great, cautious use of the following ointment, in addition to the ordinary palliative remedies, may give relief: At first a quantity of ointment only about the size of a hazel nut should be employed. Warnings: Use with discretion during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy and restrict to patients not cured by topical measures. Da Costa prescribed Over the enlarged glands rub: In atonic dyspepsia.

These lectures are free to all Students of tho regular Medical Course. They will induce gagging and holding of the breath with an establishment of an actual vicious circle, the cessation of breathing causing tlie patient to come out of the anaesthesia, and this increasing lightness of the narcosis being responsible for greater irritation on the part of the tubes.

.seized with an agonizing pain in one, rarel_y in both, ears.

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