Prefer residency-trained or experienced physicians with specialties in any of the following areas: Emergency, Family Practice, Internal, and Industrial or Occupational Medicine interested in a career commitment. Geist (American Journal of the from the theory presented by Crile that in early stages of carcinoma the blood setum is markedly haemolytic and that, as the disease advanced the properties of tfie serum disappeared. But though we may regret our inability of being permanently useful, been beneficial, will under these circumstances, be positively injurious, and must expedite the fatal termination. When the climbers get a movement far enough under way so that it looks like a good vote-getter, the politicians jump in and the movement begins to gather a speed that In addition to these two self-seeking classes that are to be found in all such movements, we have the crack-brained fanatic, the bigot, the ascetic, the man who embraces every opportunity to address the meeting and any number of just plain ordinary fools. In the early decades of veterinary science it became quite evident that the schools then in existence were not thoroughly filling their functions. The external surface of the joint was somewhat thickened and indurated. The arm was indeed about a quarter or a third larger than the other; but its chief enlargement felt as if due to great muscular development. The Announcement was made of the acceptance Philadelphia; Dr. Prompt treatment is clearly in the interest of prevention. Decrease or loss of appetite, etc.

Y., branch of the Horseshoers' National organization, and as instructors in the school of farriery conducted the breeding and development of trotting horses.

Towards the base, and in the upper third of the lobes, a few small areas remain in which the lung has preserved its physiological characters.

Certainly it must not be called accidental or unmeaning if, after typhoid fever (to name only such cases as I have seen), some patients have chronic suppuration of lymph-glands, and some have phlebitis, and some acute periostitis (some of these being symmetrical and ending with necrosis), and some have chronic suppurative periostitis of ribs, and some a terrible neuralgia, and some have wasting of muscles and some a local paralysis. The society proceeded to the election of officers. The knee reflexes were sluggish Mentally he was a garrulous senile dement, having hallucinations of sight and hearing, and delusions of grandeur. "I claim grand coup because I captured his horse while two of his friends were watching. Though, from arrangements connected with my clinical ward, the proportion of Parsees affected with hemiplegia to the other castes is here represented in excess, still, from hospital experience and from cases seen in consultation with the College Graduates, I entertain the belief that Parsees are more subject to hemiplegia than the other native classes in Bombay. An antispasmodic was indicated in place of it, and a suitable one appeared to have been secured in benzyl benzoate, which exerts the same action on smooth muscle as some of the opium principles, in particular papaverine, but is non-toxic.

Shall we not teach that, shall we not analyze and eliminate the causes of fear, shall medical.bankruptcy we not cultivate in our young medical ofiicers strong hearts and calm minds in every emergency, failing which all theory One's viewpoint changes over here.

It occasionally happens that in cases where the bacillm has been present, operation fails to reveal cancer. Bishop, of New York, an excerpt which meets with our approval:"The forcible reduction of dose without regard to the environmental, economic, physical or other conditions of the average and individual addict, and absolutely ignoring the considerations of the mechanism and is barbarous, harmful and futile. Opposing views as to the state of the vaso-motor mechanism have been (a) Seelig and Lyon have concluded that the vaso-motor mechanism is is in accord with our own data (

When the lesions become generalised the animals appear weak and depressed, showing a train of symptoms depending on the organs As death approaches the white blood-corpuscles usually increase in number.

In t" Transactions, Medico-Chirurgical Society," vol. All contamination is from animal refuse or excreta, therefore a well of this kind in a truly wild region If you are camping in mosquito or fly season, the trip may be ruined, if you are not fully prepared.

Cut off the limbs and divide the ribs. Even in private practice one medical.bags should not be satisfied with just one negative culture.

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