This It would be out of place here to go into a detailed anatomical description of the vagosympaticus, but a few remarks on the influence of these nerves on gastric secretion are essential in order to iniflerstand how a medical.check functional disease of the nervous system can be made responsible for achylia gastrica. See also Sympathetic ophthalmia Optic neuropathv. The treatment of acid intoxication emphasizes particularly the importance of prevention and the treatment of threatening coma.

The former employs the following language in speaking of observations upon the texture of the central organs, and the great difficulty of accurately describing them:" Many observers have certainly exaggerated the results of their investigations very much, frequently drawing very false conclusions from fragmentary, isolated appearances." It thus seems, according to Dr. An acute rise in IOP may be due to the shrinkage of ocular collagen. The umbilical cord was, as a rule, shorter than in normal pregnancies, and its insertion was frequently marginal. Ilav ing used it for three years in a large number of cases, I have experience of all those, whom I have known, who have employed this plan. Three times in the lower portion. To gain more time, we have occasionally repeated the gas inhalation, but have felt that this lessens the element of safety. Fever was present in one up patient and was absent in the other. Sunflower cataracts arise from copper-containing foreign bodies (chalcosis; see Figure iron deposits of the capsular epithelium (siderosis and nonoxidizing metals can occasionally enter the lens and may be well-tolerated for long periods with Lens-induced inflammation results from the release of lens proteins into the anterior chamber. The psychiatrist, unfortunately, does not see them until the clinical picture is so clearly defined that the veriest layman can detect the presence of mental trouble, and with the obviousness of the mental symptoms disappears, of course, most of the social danger; for it is easy enough to have committed a person who exposes his person, steals openly and recklessly, proclaims from the housetops that he is King Solomon, and writes strangers checks for a million dollars. Four of the six failures to remove targeted stones represented patients who received ultrasonic lithotripsy for large stones and had residual fragments. The very fact that the medicine is promptly absorbed is sufficient reason to look for its prompt elimination. The bichloride of mercury, recommended by Dr.

There are no houses, medical.chambers and there is no portion of the town, where the disease especially prevails. This remotely results in eitlier a permanent hypertrophy, as in a case where collateral circidation has been established, or in atrophy, as in a case of ulceration and final destruction of a part of the vascular system in the organ.

If while lighting this the match were blown out, it was in vain that another readylio-hted one was brouo-ht close to the cigar and close to his eyes, for he saw it not, even when it burned his eyelashes. HAMMES: WASSERMANN AND SPINAL FLUID TESTS cally normal.


All had history of coronary disease.

In such cases Joulin found great advantage in the application of laudanum two or three times a day, until complete cicatrization had taken place. This last finally caused death by opening into the ventricle. Tlie fact that the ophthalmoplegia preceded the ataxia by some months is corroborative of Bruns's statement that this order of sequence is diagnostic of a lesion of the corpora quadrigemina, side, noted in a patient with a tumor of the corpora quadrigemina, depended on destruction of the posterior quadrigeminal tubercle on the left side.

General Anaesthesia modified by Regurgitation, Tricuspid and Mitral Stenosis Remedies, Observations on the Use of Some of Reliiiin- II M,.

He considers stitching of the peritoneum to the mucous membrane of the vagina as absolutely unnecessary and a waste of time.

I believe, however, that she does not often presume to interfere with their habits.

Carefullj' operators sought to avoid performing anything which might open and endanger the peritoneal cavity, and it is interesting to note that it was less dangerous at first to open it per vaginam than through the abdominal wall.

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