The cavity was bounded by a wall or crust one-half to three-fourths of an inch in diameter, which represented the remainder of the diseased gland, and ran out irregularly into the surrounding textures.

Thus, in some experiments which I carried out in Dr.

Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Cabot, chief http surgeon and commander of the hospital, was'made companion of the Order of St. Descensus of the intestines into the pelvic cavity? We indeed cure our patients of the peritonitis, but have them die of obstruction or save them by another operation, so as by fire. There are present dull pain, frequent but scanty micturition, the urine is alkaline, containing large amounts of muco-pus or pus; on standing, it deposits a thick, glairy, viscid sediment, in which, under the microscope, triple phosphates and large pus corpuscles, extremely regular both in contents and in shape, may Although the quantity of urine voided by the patient is small, yet if immediately after micturition the catheter is used, several ounces oi fetid, cloudy, alkaline urine may be removed.

In addition to these more severe manifestations there may be the catarrhal fonn, as commonly observed, and one in which the exudation is fibrinous in character. It is a lozenge-shaped space lying between the body of the hyoid bone above and the upper margin of the sternum below, and bounded on either side by the decussating omo-hyoid and sternocleido-mastoid muscles. He wafl especially interested in bird lore, and he selected most of login the poetic mottoes descriptive of birds in the Smithsonian Institute. This was the second medical school in the country to do so; the first was Lind mandatory at Hahnemann. KoHooo md // etfter flMlerial for tho papert. I.ssued as a supplement to: Rcvista especial Boletin de medicina, cirngia y farniacia.

The memory of my uncle, Edward Hunt, but for whose demise I might never have had the courage to stop what I was doing and apply to medical My parents, for their support, without which I would never have made it support have helped make this dream a reality. Returning now to the question of blood and pus in the urine whether it be macroscopic or microscopic.

Again, the swallowing of blood at the time of operation, tainted with the foul discharges of the cancerous ulcer, should be carefully guarded against by having the mouth thoroughly and frequently washed out with some antiseptic solution, as Condy's fluid, carbolic acid, etc., before operation, and, during operation, avoiding a condition of too profound anaesthesia. In the areas near some of the cantonments many cases of malaria were reported each year previous to the construction of the camps.

Tyltyl, the boy, and Mytil, the girl, led by Light through many adventures in the search for the Blue Bird, or happiness, ielts are told at last that they shall see the dead. Santos Carlos de la Torre y Huerta y Antonio Gonzalez Estimulo (El).

I am deeply sensible of the honor and trust that during my term of office I shall preserve the worthy traditions handed down to me by my predecessors in the Chair ( It consists of a band or strip of tough cloth, or better, of twisted or plaited straw, which is tied around the head and then tightened vigorously by means of a stick inserted tourniquet fashion. The prognosis, therefore, in pronounced cases of tonsillar enlargement is unfavorable as to the ultimate subsidence of the difficulty, and although cases are not infrequent in which the symptoms of disease have disappeared toward middle life, the writer believes that in a considerable number of instances the contrary is As to the effect of enlarged tonsils upon the life of the patient, there can be no question that they may be an indirect cause of death; that their presence, should ever be immediately fatal seems improbable, and, in the opinion of many observers, impossible. It embodies the results of thirty years' experience in hospital and private practice, and is only a compilation in so far as it deals with the prophylaxis and treatment of tropical diseases, which are now of great importance, and where my experience has been lacking. This is the picture of adhesive pericardiomediastinitis with which we have been made familiar by the writings of Kussmaul, Broadbent, Roberts, Wenkebach and others. In the tissues of the mouth, fetid odor and the general a spontaneous recovery, and if untreated death usually results. An acute inflammation of the connective tissue around the caecum, tending to the formation of an abscess; characterized by pain, swelling, and febrile reaction.

Morgagni made still further observations in this line to confirm his own conclusions in the matter. He tried the experiment, shut germs out of his wounds, and behold, antiseptic surgery, with all its magnificent line of triumphs, was born! Now a single drop of pus in an operation wound is as deep a disgrace as a bedbug on the pillow of a model housekeeper, and calls for as vigorous an overhauling of equipment, from cellar to skylight; while a second drop means a commission of inquiry and a drumhead court-martial.

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