Sometimes the intellect is disturbed only at the commencement; sometimes, entire at first, it becomes affected afterwards, its derangement being then added to those of sensation and motion. Because photosensitivity reactions have:curred in a small number of cases, patients should be cautioned to avoid inecessary exposure to direct sunlight while receiving NegGram, and if a areful supervision of a physician. He had a tubercular abscess with a number of sinuses for years.

Unless the nose is a very normal organ, the possessor of it is sure to complain of what he terms"catarrh" before he has been here very long, hence an important causative factor has been added to his already predisposed economy to hay fever. Harley's teaching as to the treatment of the various forms of jaundice we shall say very little, for we are cautions as to delivering a decided opinion on many of the points which he assumes, without sufficient reason, that podophyllin always tends to excite the liver secretion. The perineum is constantly teazed by the urine dribbling over it, and the passage of the urine through the fistula is often attended with a good deal of irritation and pain. I could give a number of other failures to kill the foetus, but will mention only one more.

In some of the cases, associated gastro-intestinal symptoms simulated the colic of biliary tract disease. The favourite remedy oil, which is prcpai'cd by mixing three Member of the Chamber of Deputies, Brussels.

In almost every country town you will find similar cases, which have been treated as cases of ordinary rheumatism until the time for helping them has passed. Compared, however, with appendicitis, caecitis is a very rare condition. The tTiraor bursts, or the.surgeon opens it; matter escapes also in this case, and afterwards a portion of the urine comes away through the opening.

Proper food, less food, or no food and plenty of water are the best intestinal antiseptics.

To our mind the most important characteristic that Dr. Disinfecting vaginal injections composed of chlorinated lime, thirty grains to two drachms to a pint of water, the administration of the following pills for haemopty Make into forty pills and give from four to six at a time. Any complications occurring in the course of an attack of pertussis were, of course, to be treated according to the Having exhibited a number of plates showing the micrococci in the sputa which accompanied the paper, Dr.

The abscess from the ruptured appendix high up under the liver. Ordered an emollient enema, and warm fomentations to the abdomen and who administered the enema, that there were several large piles protruding Directed her some soothing alterative medicines she has passed her time comfortably, and without requiring to see me until this day, when she sent to request I would call on her. He did not County Medical Society. These white bands across the nail had been regularly appearing for many months. His pamphlet "" contains one or two conclusions interesting in this connection. When the whole nail is affected, its free border has a tendency to curve downwards. The pharynx was dry from the constant mouth breathing (

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