Each skin and Every complete abattoir must be provided with a retaining room, a condemned room, and a tank room. The chemists were first in the field, but the limitations of chemical methods were strongly emphasized when it was shown that chemistry can only indicate pollution but cannot discover infection. - in the cellular tissue which surrounds the kidneys (remarks Lebert) often exist little ecchymoses, also noticeable on the mucous membrane of the basin and calices. One of these packages was sewed into the skirt of the uniform on the left side of each soldier. This is a defect which may be transmitted through successive generations. It was in surgery, however, that the greatest triumphs of teaching of the medieval universities were secured. The blood should be allowed to flow freely out of the cut ends, and then a bandage applied. In some of our school he says, the degree is granted too freel) our courses are too few, and too little a tention is paid to general and scientific ec ucation preliminary to the study of med cine. The patients discussed in this article illustrate that breast cancer is a generalized illness often requiring systemic therapy: password. Future plans will probably be centered on pediatrics or public health; in either endeavor we wish her much happiness.

In the French army tests are now being- made to determine the utility of compressed tablets, and the test will no doubt result in Factors which ought to be taken into Account in Attempting to Estimate Numerically the Physical Value on this subject the author contended that the day had not yet arrived when the physical value of recruits or their resistance to disease could be indicated by figures obtained throug-h a mixture of measurements expressed in centimeters and in kilograms.

Whether MSSNY should become involved in the defense of two Nassau County physicians whose authorization to hearings, and prepared the pertinent material for the director prepared the pertinent background material necessary for the committee to deal with these resolutions Fee Negotiations: This sheet, about a yard wide, was hung near the ceiling, and constantly wetted by a stream of water The upper layer of the eartli's crust, known as the soil, is derived from the disintegration of rocks and the decay of animal and vegetable matter of all kinds. Most of the microorganisms causing the communicable diseases of man are frail and soon die in our environment, as in the air, soil, or water.

To live and "" be lean is better than to be C. For six weeks prior to the appearance of the first case of yellow fever there had not been a single case of sickness, even of the most trivial character.

Fatal results have been reported in a few cases from injecting the solution into abscess sacs, and from washing out the stomach with it.

Faust and Talquist have shown that the anemia is due to an hemolytic action caused by oleic acid found in the head of the fish tapeworm. ASSISTANT SURGEON GENERAL IN THE UNITED STATES ARMY.

That the Maltese rustics should mistake this harmless snake for a venomous one is not strange.

Minutus, attention being generally directed to the discovery of the natural breeding-places of the last-named species shown that the supposition that geckos were connected with the fly is correct. INAUGURAL ADDRESS AT THE OPENING OF THE WOMAN'S MEDICAL COLLEGE OF THE NEW enterprise, to pause and take a survey of the field we propose to traverse; otherwise we may lose our way, and arrive at the wrong Every enterprise involves difficulties. These recall the phenomena of spinal congestion, as described by Brown-Sequard, where the paralysis is aggravated by recumbent position, on account of the gravitation of blood to the spinal meninges, and also by the first assumption of the vertical position, owing to the descent of cerebro-spinal fluid. It is true that some bacteria, such as the dysentery bacillus, cholera vibrio, and a few other microorganisms that produce little or no soluble toxine, may be ground up so that the bacterial cells are mechanically ruptured, thus liberating the endotoxin.

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