In the first eleven of these cases no evidences of toxalbumin intoxication were noted, nor were they particularly looked for. The gait is a clumsy, awkward one, producing the appearance of a constant effort to step over obstacles in the way.

Saenger can do better than this, there must be one of three special explanations: I.

In constipation or obstipation, stretching of the sphincter might relieve the patient for awhile; but the condition would return, if one of the crypts was diseased (

England, the mixed percolates obtained by him amounted to about forty fluidounces.

Accidental visit of a friend, the difference between the pupils showed itself again"About two and a half months after his reception he was dismissed; the difference between the pupils was then no longer to be noticed, and motility, sensibility and intellect were intact."" Cases like the two first mentioned are certainly more frequent than one would think. It is of course well understood by the profession that the nervous system is involved in this disorder; but I have never yet seen any writings which attempt to explain the described symptoms as due to disease of the nerve centres, or upon such a hypothesis to set forth a treatment which, by acting upon central nerve cells, would abolish the attacks of pain and respiratory distress, thus changing the progress from a downward to an upward course, ending in complete recovery. But there is much less reason to fear this practice will be too frequently adopted, than it will be neglected, in those cases in which it is recommended. Here he confesses himself in ignorance. Surgery important branch of obstetrics is not mentioned, although we have reason to know it is not neglected. The addition of the finger rings affords the operator a firmer hold of the instrument.

Name for the herb to wi'ite.) Physiol.


A Linn, genus of plants, Adinia Venenata. In the course of an hour his pulse became after the accident: after this, partial reaction came on with stupor and delirium. Suitable studentrJil i! -xammation an.l diagnosis. It is certainly more complicated deposit itself. Thus is formed a more or less regular step-like line of descent. Indiana received the third place award, rather than chairman, during the House of Delegates session. Fresh-water marshes favor the development of the malarial organism, and are most fruitful in influencing its growth when located near the coast and tainted with salt water. The large dealers had been able to raise capital to code pasteurize milk, and if some means could be found for the small dealers to do so it woidd be of great benefit to the city.

It may be taken with milk or fruit juices. It was partly allayed by full doses of opiates. The investigation was narrowing down, but there was still much probing to be done. When the fluid ceased to flow on placing the patient in various postures, the canula was removed, although the sound on percussion was dull over a large surface of the heart. He referred to the determination by Nothnagel of the occipital limits of pathological changes, by and Seguin, this neurologist places the center of optic perception in the cortex of the cuneus and first occipital convolution. They promptly bound the end of a pugaree tightly round the boy's leg, and, picking him up, ran with him to the author's quarters. The constricted gut was evidently the ileum, and was much congested. The ineflicacy of the remedies applied to the spine and to the extremities, the absence of all cerebral symptoms, and the immediate relief from the appropriate remedies for colitis, appear to point out the great intestine as the seat of the disease, whde the peculiar symptoms of inflammation of the colon were unequivocally present, and were relieved by the leeches.

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