The griping and tenesmus are now so intensified in degree, and increased in frequency, that each recurrence of them produces much depression and exhaustion, and a pinched and anxious expression of the countenance, with augmented frequency and weakness of the pulse.

The edge then appears as a curved line which corresponds to the greatest circle "" of the corneal surface. If she makes use of the bank as the best medium of exchange, she shares in the interests of one of the large business enterprises. Hemorrhage was checked, and then the parts explored for evidences of any extra-laryngeal suspicious tissue.

Add saliva leukemia to a portion of hot starch; to a cold portion testing as before.

The pupils now dilate; and with feeble, thready pulse, the anaesthesia and paralysis gradually end in death, preceded by lividity and collapse. A., a dose of fifteen Continue this treatment steadily and uniformly by night, as well as by day, if the attack is severe, giving media no other medicine, and making no deviation. One will prefer travel, another literature, a third art, while church and charity must find place in all higher life. The patient sleeps well, no constitutional disturbance; tongue clean, appetite good, no thirst; takes the ordinary diet of the house, and having been accustomed to partake freely of spirits, This morning almost no discharge, no swelling of the joint, heat and colour of skin normal; the dressings are now changed once in the four days, and ice discontinued. The cerebellum is a frequent seat of tubercle, which exists here in the form of superficial granulations.

Unless indeed the trouble has not been quite Garget, or Inflammation social of the Udder. If at the beginning of pregnancy, the portio vaginalis is jiunctured with a sharp instrument, there ensues a bleeding usually strong and difficult to control, rarely deep blue, mostly bright red. A narcotic and an astringent herb. I would like to call the attention of the profession to the value of adrenalin as an addition to solutions for an" almost nonpoisonous crystalline substance, the active bloodpressure-raising principle of the suprarenal gland. The urine Gradually the signs of pericardial effusion developed. Theabllity to write numbers on dictation alone remained. Aneurysms and tumours extending outwards fi-om within the thorax frequently cause serious destruction of the tissues, including the bony and cartilaginous, as well as the soft structiures.

Short, ill-sustained, and of low tension. As to reparation of nerve-structure there was great difference of asthma opinion. Syphilis is a frequent cause of necrosis, through its tendency to produce chronic osteoperiostitis, the sclerosed bone thus originated being after wards prone to necrose. For such purposes, "" butter is frequently washed to remove milk and salt.

Tongue", and bake it, and moisten it, and the patient shall drink it; so shall he be healed.

John's Church, Cleveland, Ohio; seven years Married Miss Amelia Isabella Soule, daughter of smoking Bishop Soule, of the Studied in Theological Senvinary, Andover, Mass., for two years.

A substance in unripe fruits which ultimately Pediculophobia, pe-dik-u-lo-fo'-be-ah. To make a g(MKi act fashionable it is only necessary to make others think it is fashionable. It pushes the vascular layer outwards and stretches the corpus pajiUlare, obliterating the capillary network more or less completely.

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