Teach men the functions of their own system, how admirable in design, how complicated in structure, and yet how beautifully adapted in every part to the performance of its own appropriate functions. Stimson presented the following: which resulted in a traumatic aneurism and necessitated ligature of the brachial. Since the last announcement, the wards and rooms of the hospital have been constantly occupied by patients, whose cases have been made available for instruction, while the dispensary has furnished ample material in ambulant patients. His conclusions are as supports the lung test, but it is even able in some cases, in which the lung test is negative, to afford corpse of a new-born child, the stomach, and especially if also the intestines contain air, and float in water, it may with certainty be concluded that the child survived birth; provided air was not than the lung test; but if the body is only moderately putrefied, the former test is as trustworthy gastro-intestinal test is not proof of the child having been stillborn, no more than is a negative result from the lung test; but if such a result is obtained from the application of both tests in fresh, but especially in putrid bodies, then it may be inferred that the child was stillborn, unless in rare cases in which signs exist of sudden death by the stomach and a portion of the intestines are well filled with air and the corpse is fresh, it may certainly be concluded that the child did not die cured by this remedy. Stomach: The mucosa is thicker than normal and the vessels Intestine: There is marked congestion of all coates.

Campbell lias been appointed to succeed steps to secure the co-operation of municipalities and of the governments of the several provinces, and of the Government of the Dominion for the establishment of one large sanitarium in each province for the treatment of consumption. Death in Enteric Fever due to Strangulation oftlie Intestine hy an Adhesion being formed during the Fever.

To seek out and set in order the demerits of appliances which under the influence of certain great names have outlived their usefulness, is to do the surgical world a service which might rank equal with the services of those who have genius for construction rather I trust that both types are represented here tonight, and that the loose joints in this part of our surgical armour will be found and pierced, while at the same time we are strengthened by the free remedy for each disease or symptom, and to think they should have a special splint for each fracture. Quoting from a recent letter sent me by one high in medical circles:"I suppose we might get along far better if we had less ethics. Sclerosis of the motor fibers of the lateral columns of the spinal cord is known to produce muscular contracture as a prominent symptom, probably because the inhibitory influence of the brain upon the reflex excitability of the spinal cord is arrested, or because the sclerosis directly excites the motor apparatus of the cord. They encountered this reaction of splitting up monobutyrin in the milks of the woman, dog, cow, goat, and ass, stronger in the former, and less energetic in the latter. It is, however, not infrequently suggested that since scarlet fever is essentially a disease of childhood, the primary object of the provision of means of isolation is certain to be defeated by the refusal on the part of parents to allow their sick chiklren to be separated from them.

For nervous irritability, whether manifested by a worried but healthy adult, a teething child, or a phthisical person, a plentiful supply of cool, fresh air is the first indication. He compares it to the weakened respiratory murmur frequently observed at the beginning of a pleurisy a few hours before a friction sound is developed or effusion takes place. - 'The creation by County Medical Societies of emergency and nightcall services. Diai)hragm, and dift'erent muscles are scarcely modified by the aluminium screen. A favorite locality for these fissures was at the internal os. Patient improved rapidly for two weeks, then three quarts of milk were injected into the rectum, and no trace of it could be observed at the fistula; only three pints could be injected at the fistula, and the diagnosis was made that the obstruction was situated at the hepatic flexure of the colon. These contentions, if true, should abolish the use of the synthetic products. The secretary was directed to visit Prince Edward Island, Xova Scotia and New Brunswick in August and September, with a view to lecture upon the cause and prevention of consumption, and to during June and July, and finally a committee of all the members of the Executive Council resident in Ottawa, and such other as convener, was appointed to take immediate action for the purpose of organizing a branch of the association in Ottawa with a view to immediate and energetic action, in co-operation lishment of a sanitarium for Ottawa and the surrounding Practitioners of medicine are consulted Ijy no class of patients who display greater solicitude than those who Imve amenorrhea. I immediately"ordered him a vomit. This temporizing treatment of a removable surgical affection, fraught with a certain and disastrous break-down, is unscientific, and. Alexander Gorman; instead of Alexander: Gorman. Regarding matriculation, the Registrar of the Council was directed to endeavor to make such arrangements with the Educational Department, that hereafter, as any candidate for the second-class non professional examination with Latin, who has the study of medicine in view, may not be compelled to take the third-class non-professional examination, previous to his taking the second.

In some cases, an occasional substitution of the"combined current" (galvano-faradaic) for galvanism makes the improvement of the Static applications to the abdomen are best made by employing indirect sparks of about two inches in length.

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